Toronto-The upcoming Summer Olympics are introducing a large number of new sports. With the emergence of these sports, new Canadian stars are ready for the chance to win the gold medal.

Skateboarding is a sport that allows jumping-or kicking-into the Olympic world, and it made its debut in Tokyo this year.

There are two styles of this year’s Olympic Games: park and street. In the park, the contestants will perform skills in the basin. A straight route with railings, curbs and other obstacles will be set up on the street to imitate the real street. In order to advance to the finals, contestants will have several opportunities to cross tracks, curbs and handrails to demonstrate speed, strength and style to get the highest score.

Canadian athlete Micky Papa, currently living in Los Angeles, has been riding horses since he was 11 years old.

He believes that this year’s unusual game is a strange and easy testing ground for the sport. Due to COVID-19 preventive measures and the increase in the number of cases in the region, this year’s Olympic Games will have no spectators in most venues.

Dad told CTV News: “I think this will be the least stressful Olympics. There are not thousands of people watching it, so it feels like another day in the park.”

He certainly wants to win a medal, but when he stands up to participate in the competition, he will also have another goal in his mind. He wants to help skateboarding become more popular.

“Inspire some people who think,’Oh, maybe I will let my kids learn hockey and football’, but for example, consider skating,” he said.

Karate, surfing and sports rock climbing will also be unveiled in Tokyo. Baseball and softball re-entered the Olympics after a 13-year absence.

Sean McColl has been training since receiving recognition from these games five years ago.

“I think there is a lot of hype,” McCall said. “I think people are excited. I don’t think (fans) will be disappointed. And I think they will like what they are about to see.”

Canadians will meet the challenge in three climbing projects: speed, bouldering and lead climbing. In speed climbing, the climber’s goal is to reach the top of the climbing wall as fast as possible. In bouldering climbing, the climber’s goal is to solve difficult climbing paths without ropes at a low altitude. In lead climbing, the climber tries to climb as high as possible on a wall over 15 meters high in a fixed time.

Medal winners will be determined by the total score of all three events, which means that sports climbing functions similar to triathlons.

One week before the world entered the lockdown state, Alannah Yip was eligible to participate in sports climbing. The athlete from British Columbia said that this sport is not only about physical and mental health, but also about mental health.

“This is new, it’s a challenge to figure it out with your mind, it’s all about solving the problem,” she said.


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