Manager Tingler is proud of Tatis and others

Manager Tingler is proud of Tatis and others


Washington-On Sunday morning, an emotional San Diego Padres manager Jayce Tingler told reporters about the next tragic moment The gunshots are just outside the stadium In the team game on Saturday.

Three people were injured in an accident Obvious gunfight Between the two cars near the gate of the home team Washington Nationals Stadium. Gunshots can be clearly heard in the park and on TV broadcasts. At first, the participants did not know whether the gunmen were in the stadium.The audience scrambled for safety, some even Cover in the priest’s air-raid shelter Until it became clear that the incident occurred outside the park.

When the gunfire sounded, Tinler was approaching home run referee Jordan Baker on the field.

“I was about to go out and talk to Jordan about changing the pitching posture. When I went out, his eyes looked up-I guess this was the third bottom line-the top deck. So my eyes turned around, obviously People are a bit disguised, we really don’t know what to think.

“He was like,’Did you hear that?'” Tingler recalled. “I thought,’Yes, I think so.'”

Tinler said he was afraid of the worst.

“It’s a nightmare, it may be something you think deep in your mind,” he said on Sunday, looking emotional when he stopped to think. “We found these people as quickly as possible. “You are coming off the field, trying to get them into the air-raid shelter and let them in. It’s just that a lot of things happened. “

When the team huddled outside the court waiting for news from the security, the head coach’s thoughts turned to all the people he knew who came to the court that day but were still not with them-the relatives of the players and the coach, as well as his rescue pitcher. In the bullpen.

Tingler said: “You-the people in the bullpen, your family, and just-mom, dad, brothers, children all understand.” “Just… a lot.”

The coach said he was grateful for the selfless behavior of the players, some of them suddenly returned to the court and opened the door Welcome fans Enter their air-raid shelter for cover until it is clear that there is no danger.

“I can no longer be proud of being a priest. It’s…” Tingler said, stopping to wipe the tears from the corner of his eyes, “with the people inside.”

“Seeing the fans and seeing people panic, they just, they did the right thing,” he said of his players. “They think that the air-raid shelter may be the safest place. They lead, welcome and guide people into it. I am extremely proud to make these players a member of our team.”

Tingler also thanked the park’s security and police for their work to figure out what happened and work hard to ensure everyone’s safety.

According to Ashan Benedict, Executive Assistant Chief of Police of the Metropolitan Police Department, the investigation into the shooting is ongoing. Officials believe that two of the victims participated in the initial shootout, and one person-a woman participating in the competition-was a bystander. Her injuries are not considered life-threatening.

Watch FOX 5’s interview with a fan who said they were taken into the dugout by Fernando Tatis Jr. and other Padres players Here.

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