Lyft will resume carpooling services in Philadelphia on July 19

Starting Monday, you can share Lyft with strangers in Philadelphia again.

Philadelphia is one of the first cities in the country to see the Lyft ride-sharing option recover from the closure of the COVID-19 pandemic. The cheapest way to travel with a ride-hailing company will look different, including upgrades to the booking process and safety precautions in place.

The maximum number of people in a carpool is two passengers, which means you cannot book a carpool for yourself and another person in order to maintain social distancing in the front and middle seats. Drivers and passengers will also be required to wear masks. If someone in the car does not follow the rules, the passenger and the driver can cancel the trip without penalty.

When the shared ride returns, you can reserve up to 30 minutes in advance. The longer the waiting time, the cheaper the fare. In addition to saving money, Lyft says This booking option will help “match riders on the most efficient route in the same direction.” The company also provides “fixed” routes without accidental changes and unexpected pickups.

The return of carpooling is undoubtedly good news for Lyft. Lyft, like Uber, is solving the problem of driver shortage.according to A report from CNBCAs of early July, the capacity of drivers is about 40% lower than the capacity.

Only time will tell if more people choose Lyft’s carpooling service.according to CNN businessThe company’s 2020 chief financial officer disclosed on the earnings call that shared rides accounted for 17% to 18% of overall rides in the third and fourth quarters of 2019.

Shared rides will also restart in Chicago and Denver on Monday. Lyft said it plans to expand the service to more cities “in the coming months.”

Uber has not yet restarted its ride-sharing option. A spokesperson told CNN Business that the company will “explore restarting the Pool at an appropriate time and will follow the guidance of health experts.”

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