Letter: Two addresses, two tickets?

Letter: Two addresses, two tickets?


If a person holds a valid driver’s license in a state, the home address in that state may be provided.So… if that The same person claims to live in a different state with official and/or lease documents, Is it possible for that person to vote in both states?

If so, I now understand how the college students I overheard laughed at how they planned to vote twice. At the time I just thought, “Impossible.”

Barbara Ladd, White Bear Lake


Whose fault?

A kind Letter to the editor last Sunday Said that President Biden “promises that he will vaccinate 70% of eligible Americans by July 4. The media refused to press Biden on his failure.”

The author is really discrediting Biden, and in the end even compares him to Chinese President Xi Jinping. So, let’s be real. This is definitely not Biden’s failure. The vaccine is there. Every effort has been made to educate, provide and even reward vaccinated people in multiple locations. So why did we not reach 70%?

1. A former president downplayed the severity of Covid. He laughed at Joe Biden for wearing a mask when thousands of people died. He secretly vaccinated himself on the last day of his tenure, instead of pushing all Americans to vaccinate.

2. Certain “news” media continue to be suspicious or completely afraid of vaccination. It was accompanied by the harsh “government can’t tell you what to do” propaganda.

3. You can lead the horse to the water, but you can’t let him drink. You can lead a donkey to get vaccinated, but you can’t make him think.

However, as time goes by, the proportion of people who refuse to get vaccinated will get smaller. More people die every day.

KC Simmer, Sao Paulo


He is half right

Joe Soucheray’s July 11th column It is not so much the lowest point in history, as it is a series of continuous travels deep in the depths of hell. “This is a sermon that impressed me,” readers should be warned more appropriately, “giving up the hope of all those who enter here.”

I sympathize with the poor Chicago priest. His sermon tried to explain the Catholic social doctrine. The doctrine began on the basis that everyone is sacred and social, created in the image of God, and destined to be a community. Part to share the wealth of the earth. Justice and mercy. Poor and powerless, their poverty is often the result of unjust oppression.

Joe correctly understood the second part of that sermon to personalize our relationship with the poor. The teachings and modeling of Peter Morin and Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker Movement are the best examples. But then he distorted the message of love and appointed himself Simon Cowell. He scored according to the degree of interaction between the poor and him, for example, making music, dancing, or humor. Those who advance will get a whole dollar (probably his monopoly game money). Joe has the guts to mention Jesus in his exchange terms. In these transactions, the poor must behave and dress in a certain way, you know, suitable for people who are truly poor.

According to Soucheray’s own rules, that is, only to use money in exchange for valuable services, Pioneer Publishing should withhold his “Why can’t everyone be like me?” payment. A column from decades ago.

Tom Murray, Shore View


Climate time is up

Columnist Noah Smith’s warning that climate costs are rising provides a good summary of the impact of the continuous thermal dome on the Northwest Territories (“The Hot Dome is a blazing warning about climate costs,” July 12).

His assessment questioned whether paying taxes to cover the cost of climate impact is sufficient to slow the rate of destruction of the planet’s ecosystems. His analysis is accurate. The free market does not recognize the value or interdependence of free ecosystem services on our planet. A new tax on the production of fossil fuels may slow the destruction of the earth’s water, air, land, and life. Each of these depends on the others. And this dynamic interdependence is being undermined by the increase in fossil fuel emissions. The systematic connections between the earth’s biological systems indicate that our climate time is over. Our economic arrogance may trip any of the nine climate tipping points.

The history of the earth reflects how the effect of the earth’s glaciers has been synchronized with past climate changes. But because of the conscious choice of our company, community, or country, it has never heated up so quickly. The various climate reports of the 2006 Stern Report, the 2018 IPCC Climate Report and the 2021 IEA Climate Report all indicate that our climate time has come. Climatic tipping points are interrelated. We only have less than five years to change our fossil fuel route. The rate of warming is accelerating, and the largest economy on the planet is preparing to suffer huge losses of capital, communities, and lives due to the disruption of water, air, land, and life. We need to change the culture now. We cannot afford a dysfunctional government or various beliefs, which will underestimate the value of our biological system. Our children ask why we have to wait, our climate era has arrived.

Bill Mitterfeld, Duluth

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