John McAfee went bankrupt when he died in prison after a $100 million mansion spree

John McAfee’s wife slammed the claim that her late husband committed suicide due to money problems and said that the “truth” would come to light.

After Janice McAfee commented An author claims that John went bankrupt when he died in prison after burning his $100 million fortune About the “strange” mansion.


According to reports, John McAfee was penniless when he died in prisonCredit: Facebook/John McAfee
John and Janice McAfee


John and Janice McAfeeCredit: John McAfee/Facebook
McAfee's compound in Woodland Park, Colorado is worth more than $25 million


McAfee’s compound in Woodland Park, Colorado is worth more than $25 millionCredit: Google Maps

Mark Eglinton (Mark Eglinton), a book he worked with this technological pioneer for six months, and at the same time He is at large, I believe McAfee was penniless when he died.

against Mail onlineEglinton advised McAfee to lose his wealth in the real estate market after revealing “where he spent his money for years”.

“He spent his money on very safe investments, but he built a house, which is definitely a strange property,” the author said.

“Some of them, he never spent the night in the house.”

McAfee owns large mansions and courtyards in various locations in Belize, Texas, Colorado, Hawaii and Tennessee.

McAfee’s compound in Woodland Park, Colorado was worth more than $25 million, but it was sold for only $5.72 million at an auction in 2007.

Eglinton revealed that the 75-year-old’s biggest loss was the sale of McAfee Associates, a computer anti-virus company he founded in 1987, for $100 million.

Eglinton said that McAfee told him: “The $100 million I got from McAfee went quickly.”

“He never felt more free”

Janine married John in 2013 and responded to the author’s statement on Twitter on Sunday.

“This is hardly news. John talked about his bankruptcy many times in the interview and said on Twitter,” she Tweet.

“This is not the first time John has no money, nor did he commit suicide because of it. In fact, it was the opposite. He never felt more free.”

She added: “The facts are unchangeable.”

Eglinton says McAfee Unable to pay for his request for the book in the plan-the book is scheduled for release next month.

“I have no doubt that if he can help, he will do it,” Eglinton said of the prepaid fees he requested.

“He said,’I can’t do it, my financial situation is worse than yours.'”

The author claims that he interviewed the criminal for countless hours on Skype during his escape-at the time he was worried that the U.S. prosecution for tax evasion charges was pending.

McAfee was finally arrested in October last year and faced extradition before him Suspected of committing suicide in a cell Near Barcelona in June.

McAfee was found dead in a Spanish prison last month


McAfee was found dead in a Spanish prison last monthCredit: Reuters
According to reports, he once had a net worth of 100 million pounds, and it is reported that he spent this money on many properties


According to reports, he once had a net worth of 100 million pounds, and it is reported that he spent this money on many propertiesCredit: Reuters

Before falling into danger, McAfee’s peak net assets were estimated to be approximately $100 million.

Eglinton said that the book, called No Domain: The John McAfee Tapes, ultimately failed because McAfee insisted that the publisher pay him in cryptocurrency.

In his later years, the tech guru became a cryptocurrency investor, he gave a speech at a press conference and promoted different services.

However, his work quickly dried up, as he later faced prosecution after publicly touting cryptocurrency products and digital tokens, which were later sold after promotional prices increased.

In his last tweet, McAfee wrote: “The United States thinks I hide cryptocurrency.

“I wish I did, but it has been dissolved in the hands of many people in the McAfee team, and my remaining assets have been confiscated.

“My friend disappeared because of fear of association. I have nothing. However, I regret nothing.”

McAfee’s latest news was released a few days later by his wife Refusing to believe that the tech giant hanged himself Last month in a Spanish prison-still skeptical about the obvious suicide note found in his pocket.

Janice previously wrote on Twitter: “Since then there has been no [sic] The Spanish authorities involved in the investigation of John’s death are in an emergency, and apparently the events surrounding his death are being covered up here.

“We have not received a death certificate, an official autopsy report or an official report from the prison.

“I know things will take time, but the lack of cooperation from the Spanish authorities will only confirm that we suspect they have something to hide.”

John McAfee has a “WHACKD” tattoo and once said that if someone finds out that he died by “suicide”, he “will not commit suicide”

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