Green Party executives canceled vote of no confidence in leader Annami Paul: source

Ottawa-Annamie Paul no longer stared at the Greens on top of her boot bucket.

According to two party sources who asked not to be named, the party’s executives cancelled a vote of no confidence that was originally scheduled for Tuesday, which could lead to the resignation of leaders because they do not have the right to speak publicly.

The vote of the Federal Council requires the support of three-quarters of the 13 governing bodies before a party-wide vote can be held at the plenary meeting next month. The final judgment on Paul’s leadership could have been left to the grassroots.

Sources said that a party member review initiated by Green’s interim executive director Dana Taylor last week that would suspend Paul’s party membership has also been temporarily shelved.

It is not clear why the vote and review were rejected.

Green spokesman Rossi Emory said the party had no comment, but Paul will hold a press conference on Monday morning.

Since Paul was elected leader in October 2020, he has worked hard to steer the Green Party in a new direction, which has been torn apart by disputes and factionalism for months.

Last month, members of the Federal Council passed a motion requiring Paul to hold a press conference with Green Party MP Paul Manley and dismissed a senior adviser’s comments on the leader.

Paul launched a counterattack against party executives on June 16, saying that they attacked the “racism” and “sexist” allegations in the written motion obtained by the Canadian Press. She is the first black woman in Canada to lead a federal political party.

On June 30, party chairman Liana Canton Cusmano told members in a virtual city hall that Paul had failed to fulfill the parliament’s ultimatum or “fulfill her obligations as a leader” on the grounds that the green MP Jenica Atwin defected earlier this month. Liberal party.

Following Noah Zatzman’s social media posts, the council’s request erupted, and Paul Advisor, who later resigned, called on unspecified green members of Congress to engage in anti-Semitism.

Atwin warned of Israel’s “apartheid” in a Twitter post on May 11, saying that Paul’s more traditional statement on violence in the Palestinian territories was “completely insufficient.” After speaking, Congressman Fredericton cited partisan riots caused by the Middle East crisis in May as a “distraction”.

Atwin’s post has been deleted, although she told CTV during the issue period on June 13th, “Of course I support what I said.” The next day, she adjusted her stance on Israel with the ruling Liberal Party she had just joined. be consistent.

Paul called Atwin’s reason for crossing the border a “completely fabricated reason” and pointed out that lawmakers said that the Green Party leader was not the key factor in her departure.

Other issues hindered the Green Party, including halving wages this month, despite Paul’s opposition due to the party’s reported financial imbalances. As Canada’s 44th federal election approached, Green executives also took action to stop funding Paul’s campaign to win a seat in the Toronto Center.

Paul, who had no seat in the House of Commons, was ranked behind Marci Ien of the Liberal Party in the by-election last fall, replacing former Treasury Secretary Bill Morneau, which is a stronghold of the Liberal Party. When she ran there in the 2019 general election, Paul was in fourth place.

The Canadian Press report was first published on July 18, 2021.

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