Fleur East and Ashley Banjo want to be the new Ant and Dec

Fleur East and Ashley Banjo want to be the new Ant and Dec


The last thing most celebrities want to be is a fleeting moment.

But according to Ashley Banjo and Fleur East, the latest host duo of the TV channel, this is their goal.


Fleur East and Ashley Banjo warned Ant and Dec to “watch out for their backing”Credit: ITV
Both Fleur and Ashley have worked with Geordie duo Ant and Dec


Both Fleur and Ashley have worked with Geordie duo Ant and DecCredit: Getty Images-Getty

And this pair of people who call their partnership Flash, they set their sights on emulating the best in the industry – Ants and December.

Fleur has worked with the Geordie duo Saturday night takeaway, Said: “They better be careful!

“It’s funny because they taught me everything I know, and watching them is like a master class. You just watch them and they are relaxed, I think it’s because they get along well. Just like you It’s impossible to fake that kind of chemical reaction. They know what to say next, they just bounce back.”

Ashley He also knows the boys very well. As early as 2009, when he and his dance company defeated Susan Boyle to win the British Got Talent Championship, he had performed in front of them.

He said, “Ant and Dec are good at this. You look at them and you say,’This is the benchmark.’

“In this regard, I watched them grow up. Like, they appeared in the first TV show I participated in, and then after these years, 12 years later, I know them very well now.”

Flash memory and games

But use his and HibiscusTaking a new collective nickname for their fledgling duo, he added: “But be careful, Flash is coming soon.”

Both became famous in the big ITV show, Ashley won Britain’s Got Talent And Seremban runner-up X factor.

But it’s not that they make the most of their dancing or singing skills in the latest performance of the new primetime show Void.

Although they have moved in the same circle for more than a decade, their new TV partnership is unlikely.

When we were speaking on the Liverpool set Social distance rules Still very well in place, so unlike their TV heroes Ant and Dec-they form a bubble so they can stand together on the screen-Ashley and Fleur always keep a distance of two meters.

Fleur said with her iconic giggle: “Ashley said to me today,’Our lives have experienced emotional alienation, but physical intimacy. Now we do this in a place that is emotionally close but physically alienated. program.

“We said that if we work with people we don’t like, it’s definitely a nightmare, because even if we keep a social distance, we still have to spend a few hours together. Fortunately, it turns out that we actually get along well. well.”

Working with people he likes is a plus, but Ashley says he is happy to not have to take out his dancing equipment and change clothes.

He said: “I have participated in prime time on Saturday night as a performer, producer, judge and now host.

“So it’s actually very good to take on a hosting role that is completely unrelated to performance. I have managed the load, but it is always related to performance in some way.

“It’s great not to wipe off the sweat with a towel. This time, I can be on TV without sweating.”

If he starts to sweat, then there is obviously a place to calm him down.

How the Void Works

Their new show claims to be one of the most intimidating on TV, and hopefuls have to fight over 500 tons of water (one of the largest tanks in TV history) to win £25,000.

The seven-part series, which will continue to air on Saturday night, was filmed at the M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool’s Royal Albert Dock. This is a huge venue that can accommodate 11,000 people when it is full.

It was conceived by the genius behind another ITV show, The Cube, and seeing it firsthand is like a hybrid between the show and the abandoned BBC classic Total Wipeout.

But as they pre-recorded Independent televisionThe latest Saturday night offers a huge gap, namely the audience.

Furong said: “It’s weird. But it kind of makes it more interesting because we can focus on it. It’s almost like a small show just for us now. We are very satisfied with every show. It is. It can relieve a little pressure. Also, I think watching the game is so exciting that the audience will only improve it. So when we enter the second season, it will only occupy one level, but I don’t think it will be in a negative way Affect it.”

‘This is cube style’

In the television world, lack of audiences is nothing new, due to an empty studio for more than 12 months COVID-19 crisis.

what is this British Film Academy Award winner Ashley -Replaced the clumsy judge Simon Cowell on BGT last year-knows everything.

He said: “Honestly, when I was doing Britain’s Got Talent, when I was sitting in a group, I thought,’Oh my God, there is no audience. It’s kind of weird.’ Then when I dance on the ice, it’s not that way. It’s weird. Now I’m here. It’s even weirder to have them.

“I’m lucky to be able to still do a lot of shows in 2020. So actually, now, like, I’m used to no crowds, I think there are 400 people here. It’s going to do the opposite, you’d say,’This is A lot’. The TV company has now attributed this to an art. The whole show is not empty at all. It’s like the energy in the room is top-notch, everyone has a good time and feels really full. You won’t know There is no one there.”

The game itself—I tried a game called Wrecking Ball myself—was played at a very high level in a watery ending.

Hibiscus Said her favorite game was two players standing on a narrow beam with the task of throwing the ball into the shrinking hole. The first person to do so won the round.

Ashley’s first choice sounds more terrifying.

He said: “I assure you, it’s more exciting than throwing the ball into the hole. It’s cube-like. “But for me, my favorite is the leap of faith. There are basically five platforms, and you have to jump between them blindfolded. This is terrible to me.

“If someone puts me on a football field and says to sprint only for five seconds, it will scare me, even though I can do nothing but jump between three-meter-high platforms?

“And we see people not only jumping, but also running and running, which is crazy.

“There was actually someone who adjusted his angle in the wrong direction and then jumped into the void.

“That’s terrible.”

However, the horror is worth it, because whoever wins the seven-part series will receive a cool prize of £25,000.

Ashley said: “You played there for life-changing money, especially this year to get rid of the blockade. I think of some of my performer friends. Think about what 25 Grand will bring to their lives.

“This is a game. But it is also life-changing money.”

  • Void continues on ITV on Saturday.
Ashley and Fleur launch new prime time show The Void


Ashley and Fleur launch new prime time show The VoidCredit: ITV
The Void is a hybrid of The Cube and Total Wipeout


The Void is a hybrid of The Cube and Total WipeoutCredit: ITV


Allie Henman

I’m in “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” Defeated Jeremy Clarkson in “Ninja Warrior”, was humiliated by Ben Shepard in “Ninja Warrior”, and required hospitalization in Andrew Flintoff’s “Cannonball.”

But nothing makes my blood colder than standing in the void.

ITV boss, even though I have a bad track record in their shows, I kindly invited me to watch their new game show in Liverpool, which is as daunting in real life as on the screen.

Standing between me and Victory is one of the production teams of the show, a huge wrecking ball covered with silicone and 500 tons of water.


In my round, aptly named Wrecking Ball, the purpose of the game is to knock down your opponent from a narrow cantilever-if you win too long, the cantilever will start to move-and enter the water below .

When the huge pendulum swayed towards me, the task at hand suddenly appeared in front of me.I can’t buy the ball because it exceeds

Slip, tap my knee lightly and it will start tapping.

My opponent, he didn’t help the game I designed, obviously he has a knack.

She threw the ball at me effortlessly, and then dragged it to the side along the beam like a crab.

When I stood in awe, the ball swung back, and before I could even try to catch it, I was already in a drink and the safety diver was swimming in my direction.

Thankfully, for my pride, the producer allowed me to try again. Now that I know how slippery the ball is and how it swings, my performance is much better.

After about thirty seconds of more crab-like behavior, I finally have enough ability to move my opponent out of her beam and into the water.

A small victory may have been manipulated by the ITV boss, so I will not sneer at their new format, but I like what I see.

The show combines the ingenuity of The Cube and the complete stupidity of Total Wipeout.

It is also easier to play than games like Ninja Warrior. It requires almost god-like strength and physical strength to complete-as I discovered-and The Void requires more tricks.

Will it attract the ratings that programs like Britain’s Got Talent may appear in the ITV summer schedule? Do not.

Is it possible to lose something without an audience? Yes, it can be said so.

But, seeing people immerse their faces in suspiciously warm water from a height, will your face show a smile? Very so.

Ashley Banjo and Fluer East launch new ITV game show The Void

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