Environmental fighter Prince Harry “uses super exclusive VIP airport services and fuel-guzzling Chevrolet” jets

Environmental fighter Prince Harry “uses super exclusive VIP airport services and fuel-guzzling Chevrolet” jets


According to reports, Prince Harry used a super exclusive VIP airport service during his journey from London to Los Angeles last month.

According to reports, the Duke of Sussex-an advocate for environmental protection-has been using a private suite, which has been described as “the most VIP way through the airport.”


According to reports, Prince Harry used a private suite during his stay in the United States (the picture shows Harry and Meghan in Windsor in 2019)Credit: Getty-Swimming Pool

Members register for £3,250 per year and pay an additional £2,500 for each trip-but can get on and off the plane from their own private stairs before other passengers.

They will then be picked up by a private SUV and taken to a private terminal, where they can collect their luggage individually and pass through the passport checkpoint. Mailed on sunday report.

On the private suite website, the company described itself as a “private airport experience” and wrote: “PS has reimagined the airport experience for experienced and discerning travelers.”

The company is run by Gavin de Becker, who is believed to be responsible for the security of Harry and Meghan on the Montecito mat.

Because of his celebrity status, the Duke needs to strengthen security-and has taken British Airways flights in the past.

Eco warrior

Although Harry has publicly opposed the dangers of climate change in the past, he is still suspected of using SUVs.

Earlier this year, Duke warned that the problem must be resolved “from the source” and stated that the United States “is either on fire or underwater” “very frustrating.”

In the “Me You Can’t See: The Way Forward” podcast, he said that the post-pandemic world needs a “reckoning moment” and emphasized that he believes that climate change is one of the two most pressing issues in the world besides mental health. One.

In 2019, he told a group of young people at Wembley’s SSE Arena to “wake up” and “cope with the devastating impact of our lifestyle on the world.”

But according to reports, the Duke Rent a private helicopter Just two days before the event, Friends of the Earth charity urged him to “consider ways to reduce carbon intensity of travel.”

When Meg and Harry boarded a private jet worth £20,000 to stay at Elton John’s French villa in 2019, they also provoked allegations of hypocrisy.

At the same time, a source told the Daily Mail on Sunday that Duke had been spending his time in California with “the rich in Los Angeles,” including “owners of large companies, jets with private jets.”

The source added: “He spent some time in Malibu, Montecito and Beverly Hills.

“As the star in the room, Harry seems really relaxed. He is usually the only celebrity at the party he attends, and he seems to be the one everyone flocks to.”

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