Danny and Aaron are at odds with Lucinda and Sharon is kicked out of the villa

On Sunday’s Love Island, friendship broke down and formed discord.

At the beginning of the show, Faye burst into tears after her The BFF salon was dumped from the villa.

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Sharon was thrown out of the Villa in Love Island on Sunday’s showCredit: Rex
Danny and Lucinda join forces


Danny and Lucinda join forcesCredit: Rex

Salon, 25, Was not selected by any boy, which means she must go home.

As soon as she dragged the suitcase out the door, a new grudge formed Aaron Expressed his feelings for Lucinda-despite being a new boy Danny I chose her at the previous reunion moment.

Aaron, 24, pulled the 21-year-old Lucinda aside and said brazenly: “If I’m rude, I’ll kiss you in front of him.”

However, when he went to kiss, Lucinda turned to him and told 25-year-old Danny what had happened.


Danny immediately pulled Aaron aside, lay on him, and said, “So you don’t think I need a little respect? I haven’t even been here for 24 hours.

“I know you have to do what you have to do, but fuck me man.

“You don’t have any loyalty to me, but I deserve some respect.”

Aaron apologized, but anyone with eyes can see that this will not be the end of the newly formed love triangle.

Elsewhere, a sexy cat challenge saw 26-year-old Kaz kissing Aaron, even though they were a friendly couple, he declared her “like a sister.”

Simultaneously, Hugo, 22 years old, Not only to deal with the fact that Sharon has left, but also to deal with the new girl Ajie, 28, After choosing him in the re-coupling, it was spread very thickly.

He said: “She ate me alive in the challenge”, and then joked whether he could survive the night.

Soon after the reunion, Aaron took action against Lucinda, causing a feud with Danny


Soon after the reunion, Aaron took action against Lucinda, causing a feud with DannyCredit: ITV

Love Island will continue to air on ITV2 at 9pm on Monday, July 19.

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Do you have a story about Love Islanders?

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