Dahlia Sky shot herself in a car during a cancer fight, Jack Adams was killed in a motorcycle accident

Porn star Dahlia Sky “suicided” at the age of 31. She was said to be homeless and living in her car-now the performer pays tribute to her and Jack Adams, who was killed in a tragic motorcycle accident.

“We lost two people in the industry last month… Dahlia Sky and Jake Adams… I hope they can find the peace they deserve,” one tweet read.

The adult actress was battling stage 4 breast cancer before her death, which caused her to suffer from depression.

A kind GoFundMe Set up by her mother to help pay for funeral expenses, it also revealed that Sky “is homeless and lives in a car in Northridge.”

According to the police, The sky shot itself According to “Adult Video News”, in their so-called “potential suicide” car. There is no evidence of foul play.

At the same time, it was confirmed that Jack Adams was killed in a car accident involving a motorcycle and another car on July 14.

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  • Porn star “emotional”

    The 28-year-old American porn star Odette Delacroix said: “Adult performers will be emotionally criticized-even in the industry, they can get it from all angles.

    “In addition, we are all afraid to talk about any problems we encounter because it is so competitive-if I say I am frustrated, they will ask others for help.”

    She added: “I don’t know if porn will make people feel depressed, or if depressed people are more likely to be attracted to this industry.”

    Odette revealed that bullying is a big problem in the industry, both online and offline.

    She said: “In my career, I have not been abused by someone online or in person for a day.

    “When my local high school found out about my career, I was stripped of all awards-they really wiped my name off the wall.”

  • What do behavioral scientists say?

    “When the camera is turned on, everyone is happy,” said Gad Saad, a behavioral scientist who is the chair of the John Molson School of Business in Montreal, who studies the porn industry.

    “The problem is that work is exhausted. The phone stopped ringing, and they said,’What should I do now?'” Thad continued.

    “Pornstars are not good at making’what if’ plans for their future.”

  • MIA KHALIFA: Porn “Entrap Women”

    Mia Khalifa Was rated as the most watched star on PornHub He retired from the porn industry in 2015 and then publicly talked about an industry that “predated young women” and “legally trapped women in contracts when they were vulnerable.”

    The Lebanese-born Khalifa received death threats after filming a sex scene wearing a hijab. She claimed that ISIS shared photos of her beheading, hacked her Instagram, and posted photos of her apartment online.

  • RAYLIN JOY talks about the shame of the porn industry

    “Sometimes the shame of pornography is too much for some girls,” Raylin Joy continue.

    “Because even the erotic world can’t really touch girls, but the bull** that girls can experience from the outside world.

    “People think they have this idea about pornography. If you are a girl who does this, then you must be a little strange or something.”

  • Adult performers talking to the sun

    Last September-after the death of porn star Zoe Parker, he was only 24 years old- Adult performer Leylin Joy told The Sun: “This is a very fast-paced career span, even if you have worked in it for a long time, it is still very short.

    Joey, who is an adult performer Skin Diamond, added: “Because a lot of new girls may appear for one or two years.

    “Unless they are the top girls in this industry, they will be unknown.”

  • ‘2 Loss too fast’

  • The performer pays tribute to the dahlia sky

    “I really don’t know what to say to Dahlia Sky. She is a kind, sweet, energetic soul, very interesting,” said performer Phoenix Askani.

    “A lot of people have felt her loss, she missed it very much.”

    “Another great artist disappeared too soon…” Nicky Ribel added.

  • Director GLENN KING remembers DAHLIA SKY

    According to reports, Dahlia Sky has been fighting cancer for many years and has posted relevant information on social media.

    “I’m really sad about the delivery of Dahlia Day today. I remember we filmed her MeanB ***** One day everyone gathered together a set of how to like to be by her side. RIP Dahlia, wrote: “Director Glenn. king.

  • Suicide hotline

    If you or someone you know is affected by any of the issues raised in this story, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800-273-TALK (8255) or send an SMS crisis text hotline 741741.

  • The death of the star sparked new speculation about the porn industry

    This is an industry that has been hit by accusations of “looting young women” and “trapping them in contracts when they are vulnerable.”

    Now, with the death of two well-known celebrities, people’s attention has once again turned to the porn industry and the lives of their celebrities.

  • DAHLIA SKY is remembered as a “beautiful soul”

    Talking about her challenging cancer struggle, Adult film producer Hans told the media: “In her last year, I talked to her several times about life. It was not easy for her.

    “It will take a long time to overcome, if possible. Dahlia Sky, your beautiful soul, your funny, complex, and enthusiastic friend! I will miss you very much.”

  • Industry expert: “Watch your friends”

    James Bartholet works in the adult film industry and is his friend Skye, Dakota.

    He told The Sun: “A lot of girls in this industry have gone through a lot of things. It’s very difficult.

    “In the adult film industry, you get a lot of compliments. But you are also the target of a lot of harassment and unnecessary communication.

    “Beware of your friends, you don’t know what they are going through.”

  • Several stars have passed away unfortunately

    Jake Adams and Dahlia Sky are popular porn stars with thousands of fans online.

    The two joined a growing list of young pornographic actors, and their lives became miserable.

    These include Olivia Lua, who died in a rehabilitation center due to a drug relapse in 2018; and January Seraphim who hanged herself in the same year.

    Yuri Luv died of an accidental overdose in 2017. She had pills next to her bed. A year later, Shyla Stylez died in her sleep at the age of 35. In December 2017, 23-year-old August Ames tragically ended her life. life.

    Olivia Nova died of a urinary tract infection, which later turned into fatal sepsis, Hollywood life Report in 2018.

  • Has Jack Adams won an award?

    Jack Adams is a contender for the AVN Awards for Best New Actor in the 2018 AVN Awards, and was nominated for the AVN Awards for Best Supporting Actor in 2020.

    In the past five years, he has earned more than 700 credits as a performer, working for companies such as Brazzers and Mofos.

    In an interview with new faces Adult video newsAdams said, “I am grateful to be here, ready to see what will happen in the future, if people let me stay, I will stay…”

    Credit: Twitter
  • What happened to Jack Adams?

    Several media outlets reported on Wednesday, July 14, 2021 that a motorcycle and another car collided in the San Fernando Valley near Encino at about 4:15 pm.

    according to Xiamen International Business Center Adams was determined with the help of friends and colleagues.

    Adams tragically passed away at the age of 29.

  • DAHLIA SKY died a few weeks after DAKOTA SKYE

    Dahlia Sky, who was only 31 years old, died tragically Caused the grief of adult movie stars, Including Stormy Daniels.

    A few weeks later she suspected suicide Porn star Dakota Skye was found dead In a 27-year-old trailer.

    Dahlia Sky was found dead by apparent suicide
    Dahlia Sky was found dead by apparent suicideCredit: Instagram
    Dakota Skye was found dead after a long struggle with fentanyl addiction
    Dakota Skye was found dead after a long struggle with fentanyl addictionImage source: Instagram @dakotaskyex
  • DAHLIA shared her cancer

    In March, Dahlia wrote: “I love @webmasterjoe Because he understands how difficult it is to get cancer.

    “I posted on IG that I have stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. He is very friendly and invited me to live in his house.

    “I fight this cancer every day, and he just supports me.”

    Credit: Instagram
  • STORMY Daniels remembered DAHLIA SKY affectionately and donated it to her GOFUNDME

    Stormy Daniels seems to have donated to Sky’s GoFundMe and wrote: “I apologize for your loss. I have such beautiful and fond memories of her.”

    The adult movie star who claimed she had an affair with Donald Trump, Earlier he called the sky “one of my favorites” In a tweet.

    She wrote: “During my collaboration with Wicked, I had the opportunity to mentor many talented performers.

    “Dahlia Sky is one of my favorite people. She is also my friend. I was heartbroken when I heard the news of her death.

    “She is the third death I have learned in the past 24 hours. Life is so fragile.”


    A kind GoFundMe Set up by Dahlia’s mother to help pay for funeral expenses. The page said that Sky was “homeless and living in a car in Northridge.”

    It added: “She was found shot in the head in her car. Detectives said it was an apparent suicide.

    “We need to help her pay the final cost. She doesn’t have her own money. If you can provide any amount, we would be very grateful.”

  • DAHLIA SKY was homeless before he died

    According to her mother, when the porn star Dahlia Sky was found to have died of suicide, she was homeless and lived in her car.

    After a Twitter post disclosed her fight against breast cancer, the adult movie star was found dead from a gunshot wound.

    According to the police, Skye shot himself in the car, which they called a “potential suicide.” Adult video news.

    Dahlia’s real name is Melissa Sims-Hayes.

  • The death of the star made fans “tearful”

  • A detailed tribute to Jack Adams (JAKE ADAMS)

    “Jack Adams is one of my favorite actors, not just because of his charming eyes, beautiful smile, and one of the hottest people overall,” a netizen wrote on Twitter.

    “He is one of those who maintain eye contact. He has ridiculously kind eyes and long eyelashes, but closes them when kissing; a person who allows himself to moan here and there and eat cats is important. …..” Another tweet.

  • Only fan star: “I love you very much”

  • Brazzers pays tribute to the late Jack Adams

    “We were all shocked to hear the tragic news of Jack Adams’ death,” the tweet on the porn site read.

  • The star pays tribute to Jack Adams

    According to reports, industry stars paid tribute to Adams after the news of his death Adult video news.

    The performer Lacey Lennon said: “This morning’s news broke my heart. Rest in peace, Jack.”

    Ashley Lane wrote on Twitter: “This is absolutely heartbreaking. You will miss it so much.”

    Allie Nicole said: “Rest in peace Jack Adams. I really can’t believe it.

    “I’m just catching up with you and being excited about all the exciting things you are about to come. Thank you for being a true friend to all those who meet you. I will always love you. Fly higher.”

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