China House destroyed in Balboa Park

San Diego-Last weekend, the China House in Balboa Park was damaged because the president of this landmark building found glass shards and a baseball-sized hole in one of its cabins.

On Saturday, the damaged door was sealed with wooden boards by the staff.

China House said they hired a security guard to help volunteers feel safe. They and the community are worried that it is the target of hate crimes.

“I saw stones and broken glass on the ground,” said David Seid, Speaker of the Chinese House of Representatives.

Last weekend, Said said he found glass shards and a baseball-sized hole in one of the international villas. This is the only house found to be damaged.

“It’s frustrating and sad,” said tourist Tiffany Castillo. “I’m sad to hear that it will be damaged. It’s hard to understand and understand. It’s just frustrating.”

Following the increase in attacks against Asian Americans across the country, staff and community members feared that they would be the target of hate crimes.

Seid said that they hired private security guards when they first opened in July because of reports of harassment and assaults on Chinese elders.

“We want to make sure our volunteers feel safe,” he said.

China House is open to tourists every weekend to showcase Chinese culture, language and cuisine.

“As a semi-Chinese, it’s scary, because when you see something like this happen,” Castillo said. “I mean I don’t understand why someone would use violence against things like China House, a place where we are learning other cultures and religions, which are part of our beautiful country. It makes me a little nervous.”

The China House and other Asia-Pacific Islander houses in the hut are now giving away hundreds of yellow whistles for people to use in case they feel threatened or attacked.

The state attorney general said that anti-Asian hate crimes more than doubled last year, an increase of 107%.

“It makes me want to take action to raise awareness and educate people,” Castillo said. “I think the important thing is that we all stand together against racism and hatred.”

This China House The staff said it was sending a yellow whistle to anyone who might be worried about their safety. Their doors are open from 11 am to 5 pm on weekends.

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