Andy Fordham recently passed away-the dart legend “fears of dying from Covid” because the Vikings died of major organ failure

Andy Fordham passed away at the age of 59

Former darts world champion Andy Fordham (Andy Fordham) passed away at the age of 59 a few months after admitting that he was “fear” about a series of alcohol-related health problems.

Fordham is known as the “Viking” and once weighed 31 stones. He suffered many problems during his career, including severe chest pain and breathing difficulties, mild strokes and liver cirrhosis. He is known for drinking, and he describes a typical day as drinking 25 bottles of beer and half a bottle of whiskey, brandy or vodka. As a routine pre-match, Fordham, who was called “Whippets” in his youth because of his slim figure, would also eat six delicious pies.

Fordham won the world championship after defeating Mervyn King at the BDO World Championship in 2004, but he collapsed when he faced Phil Taylor in an event called the “showdown” a year later. Since then, he has reduced his consumption, with the help of his wife Jenny and their two children, Raymond and Emily, lost 14 stones, and returned to darts in 2007.

His last professional appearance was at the 2018 World Masters, but two years later he was admitted to the hospital due to intestinal problems, which caused his body to excrete 16 liters of fluid.

He told the Sun at the time that he would “continue to fight until I can no longer fight.”

He said: “Some things went wrong, and this is all due to alcohol. If you drink too much, read my story? You see it’s not worth it. I’m not proud of it. It not only ruins your life. And ruined the lives of many other people.”

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