After shooting outside National Park, Padres fans hope to see improved safety in the next home game

After shooting outside National Park, Padres fans hope to see improved safety in the next home game


San Diego-After the shooting outside the Washington Nationals stadium on Saturday night, fans of the San Diego Padres said they would like to see Peco Park strengthen security.

Two Tuesdays from now, the Padres will go home and play at home. Fans said that after the panic in Washington, DC, they want to see security measures strengthened.

Many fans were shocked when they heard the news Shooting outside the game on weekends, It’s scary to see fans running for their lives.

Some players were seen Let the fans enter the air-raid shelter Reach the safety zone.

The star shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr. of the San Diego Padres quickly thought of the team’s family and friends sitting on the seat.

On Saturday night, Tatis ran from the bench on the left field line to help open the gates of the stands and began to lead a group of people back to the air-raid shelter for refuge.

“Our family, relatives, children. It feels like someone needs to get them,” Tatis said on Sunday. “I think the safest place is the clubhouse. We are working hard to get our family into a safe place.”

Padres manager Jayce Tingler is going to board referee Jordan Baker about changing the way of pitching in an 8-4 lead in San Diego and was suspended at that time.

“He was like,’Did you hear that?'” Tinler recalled that Baker said“I thought,’Yes, I think so’, it records what it might happen, obviously it’s just a nightmare.”

The chaotic scene developed rapidly. When the Padres cleared the ground, some fans hurriedly left the stadium, while others evaded and tried to hide, looking for cover.

“Everyone is running. It’s crazy. You can’t figure out what’s going on. If it’s one or two people,” Tatis said. “I just want to get to the safest place and find our family.”

Tatis and teammates Manny Machado and Will Myers were praised for helping guide and even carry fans away from injury.

“The situation changed immediately,” Tatis said. “There are no more players, fans. I think everyone is an ordinary person, and humans are working hard to ensure safety.”

With the sound of the gunshots, the Nationals coach David Martinez is ensuring the safety of his players.

Martinez said: “Then I started worrying about their families and doing my best to make them understand the players.” “And I also started to worry about the fans.”

Seeing the reaction from the third base side of the stadium, the fans on the first base side also began to flee their seats. Some of them went to the fields.

“There are a group of fans, they are in our air-raid shelter, I also want to keep them safe,” Martinez said. “We let them enter through the tunnel and enter safely and try to ensure their safety. For me, this is just to protect our people and do my best to stay calm.”

Like Tinler, Martinez was emotional as he recounted the events of the previous night.

A few minutes after the gunfire sounded, a message appeared on the National Park scoreboard stating that the incident occurred outside the park and fans should stay in the park. About 10 minutes later, the fans were instructed to leave from the midfield and right field gate.

“We started to get news that everything happened outside the stadium,” Tinler said. “That’s when we start to feel better. You will never feel better.”

In a statement on Sunday, Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser and team owner Mark Lerner stated that the police believe that “the Washington Nationals, baseball stadium, or fans are not the targets of the shooting.”

“We thank the fans for their great cooperation in the game on Saturday night. They did everything they were asked to do under very stressful conditions, as well as the police and fire emergency personnel who responded,” they said.

The Padres’ next home game is against the Oakland Athletics on July 27. Fans hope that the chaos that broke out in the Nationals game will never happen in San Diego.

FOX 5 contacted Padres to see if the team will take additional safety measures in the next game at Petco Park, but is waiting for a response.

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