After shooting outside National Park, Padres fans hope to see improved safety in the next home game

San Diego-After the shooting outside the Washington Nationals stadium on Saturday night, fans of the San Diego Padres said they would like to see Peco Park strengthen security.

The Padres will return home on July 27 to play against the Oakland Athletics at home.

Many fans were shocked when they heard the news Shooting outside the game on weekends, It’s scary to see fans running for their lives.

“I was shocked,” Padres fan Jerry Robbins said. “I thought I would never see such violence in the game, but I think it is indeed outside the game, now there is violence everywhere.”

I even saw some players Let the fans enter the air-raid shelter Reach the safety zone.

“It just makes you feel that you are not safe anywhere now,” Padres fan Mark Ross said. “This is one of them. You want to know if you can even go to your home court and if something similar will happen.”

The priest issued a statement on safety on Sunday.

“Fan safety is our number one priority at Petco Park. Padres has worked hard with the San Diego Police Department to implement safety measures for all games and events to ensure the safety of our venues. We will continue to regularly work with local and national law enforcement agencies and American professionals. Major League Baseball communicates on safety protocols and best practices.”

Padres fan Brian Ganaway said he knew that security measures “always exist.”

“I hope they will still strengthen security, but to ensure security,” he said.

Rose also stated that he believes the “peripheral presence” needs to be maintained.

“They should probably set up some kind of buffer zone there, where they have extra security measures, because I think the feet on the street are a good deterrent,” he said.

Fans hope that the chaos that broke out in the Nationals game will never happen in San Diego.

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