After co-host Michaela Okland, LAPD’s hunting driver said she commented that the dog podcast was killed in hit and run

After co-host Michaela Okland, LAPD’s hunting driver said she commented that the dog podcast was killed in hit and run


Police are looking for the hit-and-run driver who killed beloved podcast Matt George in Los Angeles on Saturday.

The Los Angeles Police Department offered a $50,000 reward for any information that provided the driver’s identity.

At around 2:30 on Saturday morning, 26-year-old She Rates Dogs podcast host Mat George was knocked down by a white BMW driver and fled the scene.

His co-star Michaela Okland announced the news on Twitter.

“I would rather you get this from me than a news article. Matt was killed in a hit and run last night,” she wrote on Twitter. “I really have nothing else to say now.

“I wish I could contact everyone who knew him, but the news has come out and I can’t do it now.”

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  • MICHAELA OKLAND Thank you fans for reaching out

    Mat George’s co-host She Rates Dogs Michaela Okland thanked fans for sharing their condolences on Twitter, but said she would leave social media temporarily.

  • LAPD provides rewards for driver information

    The Los Angeles Police Department will offer a $50,000 reward for anyone who provides information to the police to find the driver who killed Matt George.

    At 2:20 on Saturday morning, a white BMW driver crashed in George Town. George fled the scene after hitting the accident.

    The police did not confirm that George was the victim, but his co-host Michael Oakland later tweeted that it was George.

  • The last episode she rated the dog

    Michaela Okland said on Twitter that the last episode of She Rates Dogs will be temporarily shelved.

  • The stars provide support for Matt George

    George’s friends remember that this podcast was a talented, humorous, and quick-witted person, and they would miss him.

  • MAT GEORGE changes career

    As early as last December, he gave up his career as a medical scribe and expressed his love for working in the media industry.

    “Before I switched from medical life to entertainment life, a lot of questions flashed in my mind. Including some questions, is it worth it? Am I sure this is what I really want?” He told Yelling Arizona.

  • What did Matt George do?

    Named after a popular social media page in Auckland, the “She Rates Dogs” podcast focuses on “the journey and misfortune of dating a man.”

    The podcast also shares general life advice and comments on popular issues.

    George is an alumnus of Arizona State University and has nearly 80,000 loyal Instagram and Twitter followers.

  • Mourning dumping

    One commenter wrote in the Oakland post: “Oh my goodness, I’m sorry Matt is such a great person, I will miss it very much.”

    “Matt is such a beautiful and kind person, it’s really heartbreaking to my God. Rest in peace, king,” another added.

    A third person wrote: “I have never seen him personally, but he has always been a highlight of my timeline. His fragility and humor made me feel more comfortable with my skin.

    “This is tragic news, and I am sorry that I suddenly lost someone who seemed unbelievable.”

  • Michael laughed when he made a typo

    “I know he was mocking me for making such a stupid typo in the first sentence,” Michaela said.

  • The “sweetest and funniest” person, fans say

  • MICHAELA thanks to the person who told the MAT story

  • ‘The epitome of great people’

  • Inquire

    Detectives from the LAPD West Traffic Division urge anyone with information about the accident to call 213-473-0234 or the fight crime hotline 800-222-8477.

  • The car did not stop

    According to reports, Matt George Did not cross the road on the marked crosswalk.

    The Los Angeles Police Department stated that BMW continued to drive east without stopping.

    George was pronounced dead at the scene.

  • Michael Orland confirmed death

    The news of George’s death was first confirmed on Twitter by his close friend and co-host of the podcast, Michaela Okland.

    “I would rather you be here [sic] This is written by me, not a news article. Matt was killed in a hit and run last night.” Oakland wrote.

    “I really have nothing else to say now. I hope I can contact everyone who knows him, but the news has come out and I can’t do it now.”

    Oakland’s heartfelt posts were immediately flooded with condolences and respect for George.

  • Where was Matt George killed?

    Matt George was killed in a hit and run in the Beverly Grove area of ??Los Angeles, California. CBS News Report.

    When he was hit, it was about 2.20 am local time. A white BMW did not stop.

    BMW is driving east on Beverly Avenue. According to local police, George has been walking south on Croft Avenue.

  • Fans mourn

    “Mat George brought so much joy to me and many others in this hell scene. I can’t believe that he was taken away in a hit and run,” one person said.

    “Mat George is a kind soul and a great role model. I love his humor. He always makes me laugh. Condolences to Michaela and Mat’s family,” another added.

  • ‘Can’t believe this is true’

  • ‘He makes this place brighter’

  • Police chasing the driver

    Police said Matt George, co-host of the popular podcast “She Rates Dogs,” was killed in a hit and run accident.

    At around 2:30 am on Saturday, the 26-year-old man was hit and killed by a white BMW while driving east on Beverly Avenue in Los Angeles.

  • Many accidental passages of mourning mats

  • MAT is remembered as a “beautiful person”

  • After Matt George’s death, fans were “not so good”

  • MAT GEORGE joked about the beard of NICK JONAS

  • MAT is remembered as a “beautiful person”

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