The Smith family recently had a fire

Shocking video clip

Shocking CCTV footage shows the moment of the arsonist Burned the family’s car This led to a catastrophic fire in their home.

Two mobs can be seen approaching the house and checking whether the coast is unblocked.

One of them used a crowbar to forcibly open the Smithy Family’s car, while his friend opened the door and poured flammable liquid into the back seat of the car.

The car caught fire immediately, and Yob can be seen fleeing the scene with fire on his left arm.

When they saw the fire outside their home, they could hear the cry of their family members.

Papa Nick Shared a dramatic video Burnt house, car burned by flames in the drive.

He said: “We are all out, the children are very good… the dog is also very good. The house is not good. The children are in a safe place.

“For those who do this, you could have killed our family, not just our family, my neighbors, my friends. This is unforgivable.”

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