The Blue Jays will host 15,000 fans in return for Toronto

The Blue Jays will host 15,000 fans in return for Toronto


Blue Jays president Mark Shapiro said that when the team returns to Toronto later this month, 15,000 fans will be allowed into the stands.

Ottawa approved the Jay team’s application to return to Canada on Friday, granting the club a national interest travel exemption, allowing it to host a game at the Rogers Center starting on July 30.

Shapiro said that the team is still adjusting the ticketing details, but has been allowed to have 15,000 people participating in the game-about 30% of the stadium’s 49,286 people capacity.

He said that fans and players will notice the renovation of the Rogers Center, including new turf, new sound system, new batting cage and changes in the appearance of the 100-story hall.

Shapiro said that it has been 670 days since the Blue Jays played a “real home game” last time, and the past two years have been difficult for the team.

Shapiro said: “670 days-that’s how long it has been since we played the real home game.”

“What is the meaning of home. Home is Toronto, home is Canada. For our organization and our players. It is clearer than ever-a stronger sense of appreciation, a sense of what it can become A deeper sense of the meaning of “In order to compete for a place in the playoffs, I am really grateful that we have the opportunity to return to our fans and participate in the recovery of cities, provinces and countries.”

Shapiro then described how excited he was for some team players and staff who did not have the opportunity to experience the game in Toronto.

“I thought of Marcus Semien, Hyun Jin Ryu, George Springer-they decided to join the Toronto Blue Jays because Toronto was an important part of this decision,” he said. “Canada is an important part of this decision, but they have never participated in the game as a hometown player.”

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The Toronto Blue Jays announced that they will play their home games at Rogers Center again starting on July 30. 4:26

Shapiro then shared his vision of his dream of ending a turbulent season.

“Considering that this story will end in October as we all remember it will be final,” he said. “Think about the journey we have gone through, the uncertainty of last season, playing 60 games in Buffalo, playing in three different homes this season, and finally returning to where we all believe it is incredible. “Being, caring and feeling a bond and connection to win the last game to end this will be one of the greatest baseball stories ever. This is a story I want to be a part of. “

The Birds participated in 60 compression games last season in Buffalo, New York, and started this year in Dunedin, Florida before relocating to Buffalo.

It’s raining in Rangers-Jays in Buffalo; double-headed Sunday

Saturday’s game between the Texas Rangers and the Toronto Blue Jays was postponed due to rain.

This will be part of the doubles on Sunday afternoon, with both games scheduled in seven innings. The Rangers said that left-handed Colby Allard will start the opener, followed by Mike Fortinovich. The Blue Jays will let the left-handers play a role in the two games, Hyun Jin Ryu takes the mound for the opener, and Steven Matz works before bed.

Toronto ranked third in the Eastern Conference on Saturday, eight games behind first place Boston. Texas lost 7 out of 10 games and ranked last in the AL West.

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