Psychedelic landscape: pharmaceutical, technology, Decrim, others

Psychedelic landscape: pharmaceutical, technology, Decrim, others


We have been writing articles about psychedelics on this blog for three years.I believe first time I wrote that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Comp360 Pathway’s COMP360 drug trial, which is a psilocybin preparation that was eventually Obtained a patentSince then, many things have happened in this space, and we have seen all kinds of people pouring in (for better or worse). At this point, psychedelics are undergoing a cultural renaissance.

Today I want to go back and look at what is happening in this field, the big picture, because it is much more complicated and fragmented than people usually understand. I see psychedelics as three areas: the pharmaceutical field, the technical field, and the decriminalization field. Then there is “other”. I will give some thoughts below.

Pharmaceutical space

This is the land boom now. According to my statistics, we have 28 different drugs introduced or sponsored by a wide combination of non-profit, private, and public companies in the approval process. The breakdown is as follows:

  • A drug in an ongoing Phase 3 trial
  • Seven drugs are undergoing phase II trials
  • Eight drugs in announced phase II trials
  • Three drugs in phase 1/2 (dose escalation) trials
  • Four drugs in phase 1 trials
  • Five drugs in announced phase 1 trials

That is a lot of drugs and a lot of trials, and we will see more soon. These tests looked at predetermined molecules, including psilocybin, LSD, ayahuasca, DMT, ibogaine, ketamine, and ecstasy, as well as their variants and analogs. (I realize that people are arguing about whether Ecstasy with Ketamine They are “real psychedelics”, but I’m counting them. The goal of these trials is to treat everything from drug abuse to depression to eating disorders. The subject population includes everyone from stroke patients to alcoholics and adults with autism.

All in all, scientists, advocates, investors, and even the government believe that psychedelic drugs have great potential to treat a range of diseases. Which of these drugs will eventually pass the finish line, and when they will pass, remains an open question. What seems certain at the moment is that we will see a MDMA drug circulating in two years or less, and more will follow.

Technology space

People are now working to optimize the production and manufacture of psychedelic drugs both inside and outside of drug design. This space is innovating vigorously. Five years later, when people get permission to grow psilocybin mushrooms on a large scale in Oregon-and it has been a while-the setup will be different from anything today. However, innovation will not be limited to production. Technologies and methods involving dose adjustment, delivery systems (including nanomethods), digital therapies, biometric protocols, data tracking, and any number of applications will make progress. Most technologies will also be purchased, sold, reconfigured and re-applied to other purposes and applications.

Decriminalized space

People often confuse the concepts of decriminalization and legalization of drugs. With decriminalization, restrictive laws still exist, but they are usually not enforced. With legalization, these laws were completely removed. In the context of controlled substances, such as psilocybin or marijuana before Oregon, the criminal law was replaced by a regulatory system.

It has been more than two years since the city of Denver was first established Decriminalized psilocybinSince then, other cities and states have followed suit, and Oregon even legalized all drugs completely.March, when we finally Inspected the national landscape, More than a dozen cities and states have made significant progress in at least some aspects of drug decriminalization.This number since then Tick.

The courts are also working to remove legal barriers to obtaining psychedelic drugs, albeit in narrower circumstances.Today, the doctors Suing DEA Approved to prescribe psychedelic drugs to dying patients.Other plaintiffs have won victories against state actors in the following circumstances Religious use exemptionThese lawsuits have raised awareness, but they have also produced practical results.


In the field of psychedelics, there are many opportunities for individuals and businesses that do not fully fit any of the categories listed above.Outside of our busyness Ketamine practice, We have cooperated and consulted with companies and individuals on various psychedelic pursuits. This involves everything from the acquisition of the mushroom substrate business by a listed company to the cleanup of Hollywood film studios hoping to document the use of MDMA. Large sections of society are now interested in the use of psychedelic drugs. This means that the opportunities for players in this field will continue to expand.

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