Padres-Nationals game is suspended after shooting outside National Park

Padres-Nationals game is suspended after shooting outside National Park



Washington, DC (Koruna)-According to reports, the San Diego Padres and Washington Nationals game has been suspended after a shooting incident outside the National Park in Washington, DC on Saturday night, the team confirmed.

Washington police said that the shooting took place in the 1500 block of Capitol South Street, and two people were shot and killed outside the National Park.

According to reports, the shooting occurred outside the third base gate.

Videos and reports circulated on Twitter showed that fans ran onto the stadium and entered the air-raid shelter, and large crowds ran outside the stadium.

Encourage fans to use the midfield and right field gate to leave the stadium.

The Nationals stated that the game will resume tomorrow, Sunday, July 18, at 1:05 pm Eastern Time. They are working with law enforcement agencies to gather more information.

The District of Columbia police stated that the incident is currently under investigation and “there seems to be no ongoing threat.”

Check for updates, because this is a developing story.


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