Major League Baseball trade rumors: Reports claim that the Phillies are on the “front line” of Byron Buxton

Major League Baseball trade rumors: Reports claim that the Phillies are on the “front line” of Byron Buxton


One of the few players that the Phillies have associated with them in the trading market this season is approaching the deadline within two weeks, which seems to be a good fit for the Phillies. He is a star genius with injury problems.

But according to Jon Hyman of Major League Baseball Network, the Phils are kicking tires against fast outfielder Byron Buxton, who is currently on the twin injury list.

The Philadelphia team obviously needs a center, because they have burned Romain Quinn, Adam Hasley, Mickey Moniak, Odubel Herrera (currently in IL) and are now trotting every day. Weiss Yankowski. In Jankowski’s defense-after four RBI performances on Friday-he is good. But if the team hopes to compete for a spot in the playoffs this fall, they need to find the answer in this position.

Compared with the other 29 teams, Philadelphia only generated 0.1 WAR in CF points, ranking 17th.

Buxton did not miss the game due to a broken hand this season, but he did a great job, hitting 0.369 with 10 homers. He wears gold gloves on his account book (as early as 2017), his career batting rate is as high as 0.247/.298/.453, and an average of 22 home runs per 162 games.

What can help the Phillies negotiate, but also significantly reduce Buxton’s value is his versatility. Does Phils, who have relied on a veteran, want to bring in an outfielder who has missed 384 games in the past six seasons (only 44% of the Twin City games)?

In terms of salary, he would be a good acquisition for Phils, who may be tight on funds, because he is eligible for arbitration in 2022, which makes him theoretically affordable. He is about to go public because the twins hope to lock him in for a long time. If they don’t, he can get it by reasonably providing potential customers. Maybe the Phillies can see what they can get from him in a year and a half, and then try to keep him long.

Buxton is 27 years old this year, and his ability to bring reliable defense will be a huge attraction for the Phillies, who are struggling in defense.

Although Chris Bryant and some other big names will undoubtedly be the focus of hopeful fans, waiting to see if the Phillies will really be like buyers. When they hope to close the gap in the Dutch East, Buxton may The best salary that Phillies can afford is close to the luxury tax, but the farm system for work is not as satisfactory.

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