John Mulani announces Philadelphia tour dates at Kimmel Center

John Mulani announces Philadelphia tour dates at Kimmel Center



John Mulaney announced his first comedy tour since 2018, five months after he worked in a Pennsylvania alcohol and cocaine addiction rehabilitation clinic for 60 days.

The comedian will perform five performances at the Kimmel Center from October 1st to 5th.

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Mulani posted on his Twitter account for the first time since December last year about four new cities tour announcements including Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta, New Orleans and Las Vegas.

Mulaney was checked out of a rehabilitation facility in Pennsylvania in February, and three months later, there was one Short-term residence Held at a venue in New York in May, tickets sold out quickly.

The comedian also divorced his wife Anne-Marie Tandler after six years of marriage.

Critics say that Mulani’s post-pandemic comedy shows are a bit different from his previous shows. Vulture According to reports, Mulani abandoned his typical suit during the set, replaced it with striped polo and jeans, and provided a more candid, free-flowing performance.

“It has been a long and strange year or so, and seeing the trend of Mulanni on social media for positive reasons is certainly welcome news,” The list of events says.

His fans got the news of the newly announced tour date.

You can buy event tickets online at the following website Kimmel Center website.

The Kimmel Center website described Mulani’s show as an event that does not require a mobile phone. The audience will seal the mobile phone in a locked pouch throughout the show, and anyone caught by the mobile phone will be removed from the show.


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