He has appeared in the SDSU backcourt.Now he is trying to maintain his NFL dream

He has appeared in the SDSU backcourt.Now he is trying to maintain his NFL dream


San Diego-Juwan Washington has achieved considerable success with his former team. The 24-year-old player has received numerous accolades during his four years in the backcourt at San Diego State University, and he hopes to remind NFL scouts of this college player.

Due to the pandemic, Washington missed the opportunity to participate in any professional game and was unable to prove to scouts that the previous ankle injury had healed.

“I talked to the (Houston) Texans trainer, so they wanted me to come in and have a look, but it didn’t happen because the career day event was cancelled,” Washington said.

A few months later, Washington thought he had a good chance at the Montreal Alouettes in the CFL. But it did not last long. He was chopped up a few weeks ago.

“It gave me a lot of motivation,” he said. “I just started working harder, just to get the opportunity.”

Will the third time be a charm? This weekend he will also have the opportunity to showcase his talents at the HUB football training camp at Helix Charter High School in La Mesa, where he will exercise in front of NFL, CFL, USFL and American football scouts.

This weekend, Washington participated in training camp with four other former Aztecs, including cornerback Kyrie Woods, tackle Ryan Pope, defensive end Miles Chitem and linebacker Kea Watzino.

Washington said: “I’m very excited to be able to go out and personally show my abilities.” “I know there will be some scouts from the Eastern Conference and so on, so if they can meet me in person and share it with me in college Movies to compare.”

Washington trains five to six days a week and comes to places like Werk Fitness in La Mesa. This is where he and his childhood friend and coach Landon Beamon (Landon Beamon) put into work.

“Zhu Wan, he is a beast,” Beamon said. “Every time he comes here, he will go all out. He goes all out, so I see a lot of improvement from him. He is just more explosive. His knees look good, too strong.”

When he is not with Beamon, Washington will also train with his old teammates to find his own shooting opportunities.

“I’m still the guy in the movie in college,” Washington said. “I just want to remind them that I’m still the one who ran nearly a thousand yards. I’m just one yard away.”

“He has God by his side, so he will be fine,” Beamon said. “He will beat it. He will be out.”

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