Florida man steals a reptile from a golf course, trying to “teach it a lesson” by throwing it on the roof of a bar

A Florida man told the police that when he was found abusing the alligator, he was “teaching it a lesson.” (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Daytona Beach, Florida (AP) – A Florida man told police that when he tried to throw a live crocodile stolen from a miniature golf course on the roof of a beachfront cocktail lounge, he was “giving It’s a lesson,” the authorities said.

According to a police report, the 32-year-old man was arrested earlier on Thursday when the Tona Beach coast police found him trying to throw a crocodile on the roof of a cocktail lounge next to the A1A highway.

According to the report, the police then saw the man grabbing the crocodile’s tail, ramming it against the awning of the building, then throwing it to the ground and stepping on it twice.

The man from Homestead, Florida was detained and charged with possessing and injuring alligators, burglary with bare hands, theft and criminal hoaxes.

The man told the police that he stole the crocodile from the fence of a nearby miniature golf course.

An online court file showed that the man did not have a lawyer and he was still in jail on Friday morning.

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