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Logan Paul revealed the shocking private call from Dana White-even though the UFC chairman and his brother Jack “have been at odds.”

The YouTuber saved White’s number because he bet on the Kentucky Derby with him in a celebrity chat.

So when the UFC boss called him when he was at odds with his brother Jack, he didn’t know what to think.

But to Logan’s surprise, White provided better cage-side seats for UFC 264 led by Connor McGregor.

He said in his podcast: “I answer, but I’m not sure what will happen. Jack drove him away, and he and Jack have been at odds.

“But I openly said that I love Dana White forever. He is a ruthless businessman and leader, but I’m not sure how he feels about me.

“By default, my relationship with my brother is always a priority, but if I can keep calm with someone, I will.

Logan Paul revealed a shocking personal call from Dana White

“So he called me and said,’Hey buddy, is this Logan?’ and I thought,’Yes, how is Dana?’ He explained that we had two tickets, but he said he had more Good ones.

“These seats are in the so-called’billionaire row.’ He said that I would have a better experience. I was shocked and honored.

“Dana White is very tolerant to me, it’s great, I thought’of course’, I told him’thank you Dana’, then I hung up and Jake said’this is weird’.”

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