Wildfires spreading across the western United States destroyed dozens of homes | Climate News

Wildfires spreading across the western United States destroyed dozens of homes | Climate News


Firefighters have been fighting piracy fires in Oregon, north of the California border, for nearly a week.

In southeastern Oregon, firefighters have been scrambling to control a raging hell that spread for miles in a single day under windy conditions, one of them Countless wildfires Resources are in short supply west America’s.

After the dangerous “fire cloud” began to collapse, the crew had to flee the line of fire late Thursday, threatening them with a strong downdraft and flying embers. A preliminary review on Friday revealed that the piracy fire destroyed 67 houses and 117 outbuildings in one county overnight. The authorities are still calculating losses in the second county, where the flames are as high as six kilometers (four miles) per day.

The fire has forced 2,000 people Evacuated and threatened Fire spokesperson Holly Krake said that in the rural area north of the California border, there are 5,000 buildings, including houses and smaller buildings. She said that active flames are surging along the 322 kilometers (200 miles) of the fire site, and it is expected that by nightfall, the fire will merge with a smaller but equally explosive fire.

Bootleg Fire now has an area of ??194 square kilometers (75 square miles), which is larger than New York City, and most of it is not under control.

On July 14, 2021, a hot spot erupted on the northeast side of the Bootleg fire near the Sprague River in Oregon [Nathan Howard/AP Photo]

“We are likely to continue to see fires grow over miles and miles of active lines of fire,” Clark said. “We continue to add thousands of acres of land every day, and every day has the potential, looking forward to the weekend, continue those three to four miles of running.”

The hellfire hampered firefighters for a week with unstable winds and extremely dangerous fire behavior, including ominous fire clouds formed by overheated air rising to a height of 10 kilometers (6 miles) above the flame.

“We expect these exact same conditions to continue and worsen until the weekend,” Clark said of the clouds caused by the fire.

Earlier, the fire had doubled almost every day, and strong winds on Thursday quickly pushed the fire again. Expect similar wind speeds of up to 48 kilometers per hour (30 mph) on Friday.

It is burning an area north of the California border, which has been Extreme drought, Like most of the western United States.

Extremely dry conditions and heat waves related to climate change have swept the area, making wildfires more difficult to extinguish. In the past 30 years, climate change has made the west warmer and drier, and will continue to make the weather more extreme, and wildfires more frequent and destructive.

The fire is most active on its northeast side, being blown by the south wind to the rural communities of Xiahu and Chunhu. Paisley, east of the fire, was also in danger. All towns are in Lake County, which is a remote lake and wildlife sanctuary with a total population of about 8,000 people.

In this photo provided by Bootleg Fire Incident Command, the Bootleg fire burned at night near Highway 34 in Southern Oregon on Thursday, July 15, 2021 [Jason Pettigrew/Bootleg Fire Incident Command via AP]

The Bootleg fire is one of at least a dozen fires in Washington, Oregon, and California, as a wildfire siege engulfed the drought-stricken west. According to the National Interagency Fire Center, there are 70 active fires and multiple fires in the United States, which have burned nearly 4,297 square kilometers (1,659 square miles).

In the Pacific Northwest, firefighters said they faced a situation that was more typical in late summer or fall than in early July.

Approximately 200 firefighters are fighting the 44 square kilometer (17 square miles) Red Apple fire near Wenatchee, Washington, famous for its apples, but it is almost beyond control. Officials said the flame threatened the apple orchard and a substation, but no buildings were lost.

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