Vicky Pattison’s new puppy gnawed through her shoes and destroyed her house, leaving her “exhausted”

Vicky Pattison’s new puppy gnawed through her shoes and destroyed her house, leaving her “exhausted”


VICKY Pattison revealed how her new puppy chewed on a pair of designer shoes worth £565 when she “destroyed” her house.

former Jody Shore The star detailed in her Instagram story how Labrador Milo stole her suede office heels when she was not paying attention.


Vicky shows how her puppy Milo broke her shoesCredit: INSTAGRAM
The star shot the puppy Milo chewing on office high heels


The star shot the puppy Milo chewing on office high heelsCredit: INSTAGRAM

Vicky, 33 years old, Adopted this cute dog last month, and since then he has been dealing with the chaos because he destroyed the items in her house.

The star has been sharing his mischievous antics on Instagram, including tearing up feather pillows, eating toilet paper and tearing off her hair.

On Friday, Vicky revealed how this cheeky Labrador stole one of her favorite shoes and bit the edge of the shoes.

She described in detail how he became a “good boy” while being taken care of by friends, and joked how she was left “the last fuck” by Milo after trying to prevent Milo from destroying her home. .

“I left him for two minutes,” Vicky lamented in a sad voice as she filmed the puppy chewing on nude suede high heels happily.

“He showed me how angry he was when I left him. This is a good thing, Mr. Milo, these are just offices, because I swear to God that if they have a red bottom, you will go back to Eastern Europe.”

She added a video of all the items that Milo destroyed within four weeks after returning home, showing the bad condition of the shoes up close.

‘So exhausted and stressed’

“He came in like a wrecking ball,” Vicki joked, playing Miley Cyrus‘The iconic track in the background when she filmed the injury.

She continued to celebrate her new dog: “Mr. Milo, I can’t believe this is everything. You have broken into our lives and showed me what true love and hard work is.

“I have never loved something so much, and at the same time so exhausted and stressed. I know that many of you can feel this anomaly.”

Vicky later joked in the post: “I am learning to be the best mother, but at the same time, if you can take off my shoes, I will be very grateful.”

“Please! Red bottom at least?” She added beside a series of smiling faces, and then said he was worthy of “work hard.”

The reality star concluded: “Every poop, chewing shoes, sleepless nights, arm biting, baguette theft, and small mess is worth it.” “Mr. Milo happy one month anniversary!!! This is me. That little furry bastard.”

Fans immediately commented heavily, asking Vicky how she handled the chaos, and mocking Milo’s antics throughout the house.

“It went so smoothly,” MTV star Natalie Harris joked, while a fan joked: “I think newborn babies are easier, but it might not be that cute.”

‘Our plates are enough’

Although Vicky likes her fur babies, she admitted earlier this year that she took great precautions to avoid giving birth to human babies soon.

The star revealed that she is Sleeping in a separate bedroom with her boyfriend Ercan Ramadan Because they are still “very careful” not to get pregnant.

Vicky admitted that she stopped all forms of contraception for the sake of her health. She said that they “have eaten enough” and did not have children.

The reality TV star explained that the contraceptive implant made her “mood swings”, and she said she noticed “improvement” after taking it out.

She told mirror: “I took it out two months ago, and now I think my body has found its natural rhythm again.

“It has gone through ups and downs, but I noticed an improvement, and now my mood is hardly so high.

This meant that Vicky and Ercan had to be “very careful” in the bedroom, and even had to sleep in different rooms.

“We are very, very careful,” the MTV celebrity said. “We are being careful in the’separate bedroom’.

“I will like a baby in the future, but I think we are full now.”

Vicky said she was "Exhausted and stressed" Being puppies


Vicky said she was “exhausted” by the puppyCredit: INSTAGRAM
The heel was completely ruined by the dog


The heel was completely ruined by the dogCredit: INSTAGRAM
Vicky and Ercan adopted Milo from Europe


Vicky and Ercan adopted Milo from EuropeCredit: INSTAGRAM
Vicky Pattison enjoys a date night with Ercan and shows off his “climactic face” as the private chef cooks for them in their new home

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