UN head of human rights calls on Cuba to release protesters | Protest News

In the rare demonstrations in the island country, at least 100 people were arrested and 1 person was killed.

Michelle Bachelet, the head of UN human rights affairs, called on Cuba to release the protesters and several journalists arrested in the rare demonstrations in Caribbean countries, and condemned the excessive use of force by security personnel.

In a statement on Friday, five days later The protesters took to the streets first Bachelet condemned the government’s response in the context of shortages of basic goods, restrictions on civil liberties, and riots caused by the government’s handling of COVID-19.

Since the beginning of the mass protests on Sunday, one person has died and at least 100 people have been reportedly arrested.

Bachelet said in a statement: “It is particularly worrying that these people include those who are allegedly in solitary confinement and those whose whereabouts are unknown.” “All persons detained for exercising their rights must be released immediately. “

Bachelet called for an “independent, transparent and effective” investigation of the death, and the accountability of those responsible.

She also urged the Cuban authorities to ensure that Internet access was fully restored after a few days of being cut off earlier this week. During the protest, the use of social media and messaging services was also restricted.

Although Cuban leaders stated that the riots were instigated and funded by the United States, they accused the United States of using social media to take advantage of the difficulties caused by U.S. sanctions, but President Miguel Diaz-Canel on Wednesday First confession The government’s shortcomings also played a role.

He said that the government must “make a critical analysis of our problems in order to take action and overcome them to avoid repeating the same mistakes.”

At the same time, Prime Minister Manuel Marrero announced on Wednesday that the government will exempt passengers entering customs from customs fees and size restrictions for food, medicine and other necessities. This is obviously a slight for protesters. concession.

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