UK Coronavirus News-Although July 19 is still going on, as 50,000 cases are still recorded today, there is concern that the lockdown will return

“Without JABS, life cannot return to normal” PT 2

Mrs. Sarah co-created a vaccine that has entered the arms of tens of millions of people. She emphasized the importance of producing and distributing more vaccines globally.

She added: “Because if we don’t, the virus will continue to spread and mutate, we will not be able to travel, and we may reach the point where there are far fewer vaccines now used. Effective.

“We have not yet reached that stage. The vaccine is still very effective against the current variants, but if we allow it to continue to spread at a high speed in parts of the world that may be very far away, then there may be a point, but the virus spreads very fast. , We may fall into a worse situation.

“So we must continue to provide this vaccine to everyone to protect ourselves and their people.”

According to the latest data compiled by our world data, as of Thursday, only 1% of people in low-income countries had at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

According to online publications using public official resources, this percentage is compared with 50% in high-income countries

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