NICK Cannon smiled and took a sweet photo with his one-month-old twins Zillion and Zion and his predecessor, Abby De La Rosa, after welcoming him and another woman’s seventh child.

Since November, the Wild’n Out star has welcomed four new children, so it has been a busy year.


Nick and Abby take a group photo of the newbornCredit: Instagram
They celebrated with the twins for a month


They celebrated with the twins for a monthCredit: Instagram

gap, 40, put in a new Photo shoot With his brand new twins and baby mother Abby De La Rosa.

When the parents hugged their tiny additions on the fluffy white blanket, they showed two big smiles at the camera.

The whole family wears all black clothes, and the newborn baby wears a jumpsuit with the word “Hey”.

In the second photo, Abby cast a smouldering look at the camera, and in the third photo, she and Nick kissed their little child on the cheek.

Busy kid

The star of Nick’s International Children’s Channel recently used his Fourth baby motherBecause he now has seven children.

Busy father shared a 10-year-old twin Monroe and Moroccan with his ex-wife Mariah Carey, Golden, four, powerful queen, seven months, with his former Brittany Bell, twins Zillion and Zion, one month, with Abby and Zen, and three weeks with Alyssa Scott.

Postpartum depression

Earlier this week, 30-year-old Abby admitted that she was Postpartum “difficult” To her twin boys.

The DJ told her Instagram fans how her physical changes made her “difficult” to “look at herself” in the mirror.

Wearing a white top, black pants and leather jacket, she told her fans about her “insecurities”.

“Four weeks after giving birth, I can’t even see myself clearly,” she admitted.

“This is true for every woman who overcomes insecurity.”

“It’s been four weeks since I gave birth. Everything from my arms, face to abdomen, feels so different and so difficult,” she continued.

“I am pushing myself to go out, to live my life, and to have more grace for myself.”

The international disc jockey had previously admitted that she was Suffering from postpartum depression.

“Learn to be graceful to yourself. It’s hard to fight these baby depression, but I’m doing it!” she admitted.

‘Children are bliss’

In June 2021, Nick and Abby welcomed their twins, which marked the owner’s fifth and sixth children.

However, the spotlight was short-lived, and only a week later, the TV personality ushered in his seventh Model Alisa.

A few days after giving birth, the blonde called the American Got Talent star “My love” in pregnant women’s photos.

Nick had previously talked to The Sun about his desire to have more children because he claimed that a person should “be able” to have as many children as possible.

“I believe that children are happy. I teach my son,’Make as much money as possible and have as many children as possible.'”

In the interview Power 106 Los Angeles Radio Show He claimed: “I wanted these children on purpose. I have no accident!”

“Believe me, there are many people I could have been pregnant but I was not pregnant. Those who were pregnant should have been pregnant. You can only live once.”

Abby admits to suffering from postpartum depression


Abby admits to suffering from postpartum depressionImage credit: Abby de la Rosa / Instagram
She admitted to feeling


She admitted to feeling “insecure” about her body after pregnancyImage source: hiabbydelarosa/Instagram
Nick and Alyssa welcomed a baby boy three weeks ago


Nick and Alyssa welcomed a baby boy three weeks agoCredit: Nick Andrew
Nick Cannon’s baby mother, Abby De La Rosa, admitted that after he and Alyssa Scott welcomed her son, she had a “difficult time”


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