The rising star real estate agent has become the company’s top producer with a design background

The rising star real estate agent has become the company’s top producer with a design background


Many times, people looking for a house miss the perfect house because it is difficult for them to see where they live. Being able to foresee the true potential of a space requires a keen insight into the design-a skill that the average home buyer does not always possess. No one knows better than this–or is more qualified to help– Andrew Taylor Mascheri. In 2021 alone, his sales exceeded 8 million U.S. dollars. He is PhillyLiving real estateHe is the highest producer in a team of 24 agents and uses his design background to his advantage.

In 2020, Mascieri’s passion for architecture prompted him to purchase his own fixed upper in Merchantville, New Jersey.He has been doing extensive renovations to this 152-year-old Victorian house and has documented the process for his 15,000 followers On InstagramHe published about design, real estate, project financing, and the joy of owning a house, and created his own house through thoughtful, interesting and unique design choices.

Limited Edition-Andrew Mascieri KitchenAndrew Tyler Mascieri/For the Voice of Philadelphia

Andrew’s refurbished kitchen in his home in Merchantville, New Jersey.

With his design background, Mascieri brings a unique perspective to his role as a real estate agent by helping his clients envision the full potential of the space. His keen insight into design, his own home improvement experience, and in-depth understanding of today’s rapidly changing real estate market have made Andrew a valuable resource for clients who have gone through similar journeys and a rising star in the real estate industry.

Limited Edition-Andrew Mascieri Living RoomAndrew Tyler Mascieri/For the Voice of Philadelphia

Andrew’s renovated office and his dog Beamer.

Whether it is working with clients to find a house below the budget and want to renovate it, or just helping someone make the most of a small budget, Andrew uses his unique skills to help each client achieve the goal of owning a house.

If you are looking for your dream home in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, Contact Andrew today Help you realize your dreams.

Andrew’s pick list for July:

901 N Penn Street # P1306

Limited-901 N Penn St P1306

USD 398,900
1 bed 2 bathrooms
1,172 square feet

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