The new federal marijuana legalization bill is here

The new federal marijuana legalization bill is here


Wednesday, one Draft bill It was released to end the federal marijuana ban in the United States and remove “marijuana” from the controlled substances law. The bill was initiated by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ). It is called the Marijuana Management and Opportunity Act. The draft was introduced as a discussion to promote debate among members of Congress. The official purpose of the bill is to “legalize marijuana and cancel plans, provide for the reinvestment of certain people adversely affected by the war on drugs, eliminate certain marijuana crimes, and use it for other purposes.”

The bill stipulates that states can still continue to make their own cannabis laws, just like alcohol. The bill will also allow cannabis companies in the United States to apply for loans and be listed on the stock exchange.

The final version of the bill will be drafted later this year. If passed in its current form, marijuana will be taxed and regulated like tobacco and alcohol.According to the draft, the federal excise tax on hemp products will start at 10% (twice More bills Proposed), and then increased to 25% within five years after the bill was passed. The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau will tax and enforce cannabis products, while the Food and Drug Administration will be the regulatory agency responsible for regulating the labeling, marketing and manufacturing of cannabis products.

The bill also includes provisions for certain social justice measures. The bill calls for the cancellation of convictions for non-violent federal marijuana crimes, and those who have already served sentences for non-violent federal marijuana crimes will be able to apply for heavy sentences. In addition, the bill stipulates that a grant program called the Community Reinvestment Grant Program will be executed by the director of the Marijuana Justice Office (a position and office will be created if the bill becomes law), which will manage the disadvantages of the war on drugs Services of affected communities. These programs include literacy programs, legal aid in civil and criminal cases, youth guidance programs, and health education programs.

Obtaining sufficient support for the passage of the bill will be a challenge. The bill requires at least 60 votes to end the obstruction bill and pass the Senate. This means that the bill will require the support of at least ten Republicans, which may be difficult considering that not all Democrats agree to end the federal ban on marijuana.In addition, and with His disappointing view Regarding marijuana, President Biden reiterated He doesn’t support Legalize the use of recreational marijuana.

The bill is a big step forward and ultimately laid the foundation for the use of federal recreational marijuana. In terms of legalization of marijuana, the federal government lags far behind individual states, and the bill is the first major effort to change federal marijuana policy. We will closely monitor the evolution of the bill and the corresponding debates in the future.

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