“The Hip-Hop Clown Prince” Biz Markey dies at the age of 57

Biz Markie, hip-hop lead singer, famous for his excellent beat ability, turntable technique and classic works from 1989 only friends, already dead. He is 57 years old.

Markie representative Jenni Izumi said that the rapper and DJ passed away peacefully on Friday night in the company of his wife. The cause of death has not yet been announced.

Izumi said in a statement: “We are grateful for the many support calls and prayers received during this difficult time.” “Biz has created an artistic heritage that his industry colleagues and his beloved fans will always celebrate for them. His life can touch their lives through music, spanning 35 years. He left behind his wife, many family members and close friends who will miss his energetic personality, constant jokes and frequent jokes.”

Marcel Theo Hall (Marcel Theo Hall), formerly known as Marcel Theo Hall (Marcel Theo Hall), because of his relaxed lyrics and humorous nature, he calls himself the “Prince of Hip-Hop Clowns” and is in the rap genre The field is well known. He made music with Beastie Boys, opened Chris Rock’s comedy tour, and was a sought-after DJ for countless star-studded events.

The New York native’s music career began in 1985, when he was the beater of Juice Crew, and he helped Big Daddy Kane join a rap group.Three years later, he released his first album set off, Featuring underground hits Steam with Pick booger.

Watch | only friends Via Biz Markie:

Markey breaks into mainstream music with his platinum sales songs only friends, The lead single of his second album Business never sleepsThe national anthem of the Friends Zone broke the top 100 popular songs of the Rolling Stones and became the list of the 100 greatest hip-hop songs of VH1 history.

According to the rapper’s website, Markey has released a total of five studio albums and has booked more than 175 performances each year.He appeared on TV shows, including LivelyAnd the 2002 movie Men in Black II, Which allowed him to play his own alien imitation in a movie starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

Mackey also taught the method of beatboxing in an episode of the children’s show Yo Gaba Gaba!

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