The agency emphasized the need to prepare the plan, as several fires have been triggered throughout the county

San Diego-From the northern county all the way south to the U.S.-Mexico border, Thursday was an eventful time for San Diego County firefighters as they fought multiple fires.

Fire officials said that this is only a sign of the future.

On Friday, officials from San Diego County, the California Fire Department, and other public safety partners in the area plan to announce wildfire preparation plans and more information about how San Diego prepares families.

“We do everything we can on an individual basis to ensure that we are not the ones who fired,” said Thomas Tells, Captain of California Fire San Diego. “But we only need people to realize that we obviously cannot control the actions of others. We need to be prepared to take action and evacuate immediately upon notification.”

The biggest local fire on Thursday Coming to the west of the Tecate port of entry The downed electrical wires from Mexico passed through the United States, setting off a fire that scorched 30 acres of land and threatened buildings in the community. As of 7pm, the fire had been approximately 50% under control, but it is expected that staff will stay in the area all night to build the containment line.

“It actually burned down several buildings, a residential trailer, outbuildings, and a horse trailer,” the shooting said.

When staff were fighting the fire at the border, Cal Fire said that a small one-acre fire broke out in the Deer Springs area, called the Gopher Fire.

“Even an acre of fire requires a lot of resources,” Shoots said. “We are still bringing in engines, bulldozers, crews, helicopters and planes.”

And it’s closer to the city, The I-8 entrance ramp is closed near the old town And San Diego fire rescue personnel are dealing with a bush fire burning near the highway.

“We are at a time when we see these fires every day of the year,” Shoots said.

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