Pennsylvania State University raises in-state tuition for the first time in four years

All undergraduate and graduate students at Pennsylvania State University will receive higher tuition fees in the next academic year.

The Penn State University Board of Trustees approved a full-scale tuition increase for the 2021-22 academic year on Thursday, ending the three-year state freeze for undergraduate students.

In-state undergraduates on all Penn State University campuses will see a 2.5% increase in tuition this year. Regardless of resident status, tuition fees for out-of-state undergraduate and graduate students will rise by 2.75%.

The average tuition fee per semester for undergraduates studying in the main campus of University Park will increase by 224 dollars to 9,184 dollars. The average tuition per semester for undergraduates in one of Pennsylvania’s other campuses will increase by US$162 to US$184, depending on the campus.

Most out-of-state undergraduates who take classes in University Park will increase their tuition per semester by $481 to $17,973. The average tuition for non-resident undergraduates attending one of Pennsylvania State University’s other campuses will increase from US$294 to US$336 per semester, depending on the campus.

Penn State’s Student Initiated Fee helps support student courses, facilities, and activities on each campus of the university. In the upcoming academic year, full-time students in University Park will remain unchanged at $265. On most other undergraduate campuses, fees will increase by 1 USD per semester, and full-time students will cost between US$192-250 per semester.

This is the first time Pennsylvania State University has increased tuition for undergraduates in the state since the 2017-18 school year. The president of Pennsylvania State University Eric J. Barron stated that a “moderate” tuition increase is “necessary to keep up with inflation and the university’s own rising costs.”

According to Barron, the increase in tuition is kept as low as possible in order to allow the school to “provide a world-class academic and student experience that makes Pennsylvania State University so special.”

“During my tenure as president, controlling the cost of degrees has always been a major focus and a priority for our board of directors,” Barron Say“We strive to maintain the educational accessibility and affordability of Penn State University, making us the top public university as the flagship public university, with the smallest overall increase in tuition in the state over the past ten years. The tuition increase came to support our students first.”

Pennsylvania State University is not alone in increasing in-state tuition in the upcoming academic year.

Temple University announced last week Increase in-state tuition before the 2021-22 school year The first time in three years. In the upcoming academic year, out-of-state tuition will also rise by 2.5%. The university cited an increase in the compensation rate for the increase in tuition fees of the school’s 11 contract negotiation units.

At the same time, the Pennsylvania State Higher Education System Freeze basic tuition fees in the state for the third consecutive year In its 14 national universities to maintain affordability during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cabrini University also Suspend tuitionDue to the public health crisis, expenses and room and board expenses for the 2021-22 school year.

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