Manitoba Aboriginal Reconciliation Minister expressed his “most sincere apology” for the boarding school’s remarks

Manitoba Aboriginal Reconciliation Minister expressed his “most sincere apology” for the boarding school’s remarks


The newly appointed Minister of Indigenous Reconciliation in Manitoba said that a few minutes after he was sworn in, those who run the boarding school believed that “they were doing the right thing,” he issued an apology statement.

Alan Rajmodier said in a statement late Friday afternoon: “I would like to express my sincerest apologies to all Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Manitoba and Canadians because of yesterday’s The remarks greatly offended them.”

“I want to admit that during my first tenure as the new minister of this very important portfolio, the words I used when answering questions about boarding schools were wrong, and I sincerely ask for your forgiveness,” his statement said. .

Since his comments, Raj Modie has been under fire. Opposition leader Wabu Kinho made these comments to Raj Modie at his first press conference as Minister of Indigenous Reconciliation and Northern Relations.

In a statement on Friday, the minister stated that he recognizes the “hard truth” of the influence of boarding schools in Canada and Manitoba and has a “collective responsibility” to listen and learn.

He said: “We have a responsibility to build understanding and move forward together, support the necessary truth-telling and healing process, and work towards a better future in a spirit of reconciliation.”

“We must correct the mistakes of the past.”

Apology after resignation, Prime Minister’s remarks

The apology was issued after a week of turbulent politics in Manitoba, after Raj Modier’s former MP Eileen Clarke (MLA Eileen Clarke) after the remarks by Prime Minister Brian Pallister Said that the colonization of Canada was done in good faith.

Earlier on Friday, Family Minister Rochelle Squires stated that she was “deeply disturbed by recent events and comments” and would take time to reflect, listen and better understand her own responsibility for reconciliation.

Raj Modier of Metis stated that he is committed to building a mutually respectful relationship with the indigenous communities and their leaders, and contacting them to “start this important dialogue and jointly chart a path forward to Advance the very important work before us.”

CBC has requested an interview with Lagimodiere, but has not received a response.

Watch | Manitoba Minister’s comments on boarding schools:

On the first day as Manitoba’s new Minister of Reconciliation and Northern Affairs for Indigenous Peoples, Alan Lagimodiere was publicly accused by opposition leader Wab Kinew because he said those who had run boarding schools thought they had “done it right”. 2:00

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