Love Island 2021 News-The blockbuster Danny and AJ get the first choice in tonight’s recombination because a girl will be dumped

Former Love Island star DANI DYER said the “evil” troll asked her to delete the tweet after the “evil” comment

Former Love Island champion Dani Dyer talked about the “evil” side of social media in her latest YouTube video blog.

Dani24 years old, said in an interview with the YouTube community that it is a “good place” compared to other social media platforms such as Twitter.

The London-born star took a question-and-answer video and posted it on her YouTube channel on Tuesday, explaining why she quit Twitter.

She said: “Honestly, thank you so much for being so friendly on my YouTube.

“I think YouTube is a very good place. I really like its fairness because social media is so evil.”

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