Kevin Cooney: What actions can the Phillies actually take before the trade deadline?

Kevin Cooney: What actions can the Phillies actually take before the trade deadline?


You can almost expect the Phillies’ first ad from Fenway Park last Sunday afternoon to sound like one of those fanatics, trying to sell merchandise for a team that just won the championship.

Congratulations, Philadelphia fans! The late surge at the end of the first half of the season means that your team may pass this trade deadline by the end of buyer discussions. This means it’s time to stock up on your favorite gear for emergencies.

But before you take out your credit card and start pre-ordering those jerseys with cherry red pinstripes, alternating cream colors, or simple plain gray uniform tops for elite players, there is a warning: the club’s farm system may have you shopping in the discount channel More than shopping in the luxury department.

Do you want to know how a bad, exhausted, bad little league system can hurt you? You may find the answer in the next few weeks. Because Phil’s system may not be deep enough to obtain large items-apparently, in July this year, the Chicago Cubs mainly sold these items.

Mickey Moniak won’t let you know Craig Kimbrel. Adam Hasley is not equal to Chris Bryant.You can stay on the list of best players, Phils may not go deep enough-unless Dave Dombrowski gets Really Be creative or extraordinarily bold-do it.

Nevertheless, this team still has certain needs, and they are very clear. Yes, you may have fallen in love with the idea of ??Ranger Suarez being a closer person, but getting another person who can work in the ninth game should be orderly. The starting pitch should be on the file to fill the rotation gap. And it may be necessary to add an extra bat to this lineup every day—perhaps especially a more reliable glove—either in the center (a very empty market) or may allow some infield transfers.

In the next few weeks, you will be overwhelmed by rumors. The gorgeous name is a tie. In fact, we provide a more economical and reasonable option so that you will not be disappointed by a deal or signing a free agent under certain circumstances.

shut down

Don’t hold on to hope: Craig Kimbrel, Cubs

Yes, he is the best successor in the market, and the Cubs decided to open the world’s largest flea market at the corner of Clark and Addison. It is likely that every expert will throw the Phils team into Kimbrel’s photos because they have the biggest bullpen problem of any competitor. But Kimbrel will spend a lot of prospects, which is rarely the case with the Phillies. If the closer market turns into an arms race-and it usually does-the Cubs may buy back something important for the potential free agent during the offseason. By default, this almost excludes Phils from this combination.

What is reality: Ian Kennedy, Wanderer

Like Kimbrel, Kennedy will also become a free agent at the end of the year. Like Kimbrel, he has had an extraordinary year so far for a team that is now out of the game-15 saves and a 2.67 ERA Rangers lead 35-55 at the break. But because of his age (36 years old, three years older than Kimbrel) and not that long record, his price should be cheaper. Again, this is about finding value at the edge when the system is exhausted. This will be the definition of that.

Start pitching

What is realistic: Cole Hammers, free agent

According to Hamel’s training this week, it seems that one of the two men who might win the World Series MVP award for the Phillies will eventually become the 2009 version of Pedro Martinez for certain teams. During this time, he was very stable. Final cheers. It’s not difficult to see this in Philadelphia. Before Hamels went to the Cubs in 2018, he was in touch with the Phillies. Matt Krentak resisted this impulse and thought Nick Pivita was a better choice-another good choice for the former general manager. Nevertheless, Hamels and his wife have always liked this area, he maintains a good relationship within the organization, and the fan base will know better than others what he is and doesn’t know at this stage of his career. The price tag for the rest of 2021 may not be very large. This is useful for this club.

Don’t hold on to hope: a major upgrade for beginners

This is not a good market for starting pitchers. And the Phillies-at least in theory-are just looking for a fourth or fifth starter to replace Matt Moore/Chase Anderson/Vince Velasquez/Spencer Howard in the foursome. body of. So you won’t get Danny Duffy of the Royals or Kyle Gibson of the Rangers, they can get more substantial returns in the empty market.

Daily lineup

Forget it: Chris Bryant, Cubs

Check out everything we wrote about Kimbrel and add about 20 million reasons why Kobe will become a free agent at the end of the season. Will Kobe be happy to work with Bryce Harper? Absolutely. But he is also the biggest fish in this trade deadline pool. He has a good start in 2021-when the Cubs suffered a heavy blow, he has stabilized-the Phillies don’t seem to have enough strength in this discussion Become a serious player. One caveat is that if they decide to trade Alec Bohm-but by then, you have to get Kobe to sign a new contract almost immediately. So close to free agency, this will not happen.

What is reality: Jonathan Skoop, Tigers

It seems that the Phillies’ connection with Schoop can be traced back to his time with the Orioles. But this may be part of a chain reaction of a series of actions that can make Phils’ bench better without spending too much. Schoop-another free agent at the end of this year-may be in second place. This will bring Jean Segura up to third place, which will be a major defensive upgrade for Bohm. What about Bohm? He needs to bear great pressure to become a major contributor in the next game, and let the Phillies consider the final position move (left field, first base, etc.).

Once again, the Phillies can’t find the big fish in this pond right now because their prospect numbers are very low. But that doesn’t mean they can’t throw their poles into the water to see what they bite.

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