Katie Price’s predecessor, Kieran Heller, blasted her boyfriend as “the only one who didn’t take money from her.”

Katie Price’s predecessor, Kieran Heller, blasted her boyfriend as “the only one who didn’t take money from her.”


Katie Price’s ex-husband, Kieran Heller, lashed out at her boyfriend and insisted that he was “the only one who didn’t take money from her”.

When the father of two children revealed that he was Finally divorced from the previous glamorous model In a separation, he spent less than £500.


Kieran Hayler slammed that he was the only one who “would not take Katie’s money”Credit: Getty-Contributor
Katie is currently engaged to Carl Woods


Katie is currently engaged to Carl WoodsCredit: Rex

Kieran, 34 years old, The divorce was finalized on July 12, and a cheap deal was found online, saving him and his 43-year-old ex-wife Katie thousands of pounds.

“We all did it online,” he told reporters Online mail“We used an online divorce company, so I found them, I paid the fee, completed all the settings, and all Kate needs to do is sign the documents and set it up.

“If I want to recommend any friendly couple to divorce online, because it can save you thousands of dollars! It costs no more than 500 pounds.”

He added, and blasted her other boyfriends and ex-husband: “I said to her,’I will be the only one who won’t take money from you because that’s not me,’ and I don’t want her money.”

“I never want any money”

Kieran confirmed that the two divorced earlier this month after more than three years of hard work. Coronavirus disease Block court proceedings.

“I never wanted any of her money or anything like that. I made a conscious decision in my mind. It was a complete rest and an opportunity to restart my life,” the actor added.

In April, Kieran was the father of two children, Jeter, 7 years old, and Rabbit, 6 years old, and he confirmed that he was still married to a former loose female group member.

The couple got married after only six weeks of dating in 2013, but they separated in 2018 after Katie It was discovered that the cheating husband Kieran had sex with their babysitter.

In addition to having an affair with Jane Pountney, a friend who has known each other for 20 years, Kieran also met her 41-year-old friend Chrissy Thomas.

in spite of Katie and Kieran’s relationship is not always good, Kieran insisted that the couple shared their children’s “50/50” on the “same page” and “keep moving”.

“She can finally move on”

This week, The Sun exclusively revealed that Katie, the mother of five, finally divorced her ex-husband Kieran after three years.

A source told us: “Katie I got confused in March, thinking that signing the document meant she was “get rid of” Kiran -She didn’t realize that it would be several months before she was legally single.

“But now that she has handled all the paperwork, she is finally able to move on and marry Carl.”

Katie’s representative confirmed to The Sun: “This is correct. Katie believes that the divorce is complete, but this is actually a nisi decree-not absolute.

“Divorce is friendly-focus on establishing a positive parenting relationship for their children. Katie is looking forward to planning her wonderful wedding for Carl Woods because she is now officially single.”

After meeting at the child’s school, 33-year-old Kieran continued to date her pregnant fiancee, Michel Pantycost.

In March last year, he posed this question to a mother After knelt on one knee in the Maldives.

Meanwhile, Katie plans to marry her fiancé Karl after claiming that she finally found “that person”.

Katie said she hopes to be pregnant with her sixth child this year, to Bunny and Jet, the 16-year-old boy and the 14-year-old princess from her marriage to Peter, and the 19-year-old Harvey-their estranged father is Dwight York-another sibling.

Katie and Kieran broke up in 2018 and finally divorced


Katie and Kieran broke up in 2018 and finally divorcedCredit: Getty-Contributor
Katie is now moving forward with Carl Woods


Katie is now moving forward with Carl WoodsCredit: Splash
At an awkward moment, Katie Price’s fiance Carl Woods walked into a door of the Villa in Love Island, and his date with Carla Del Hoyd reappeared

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