Here is how Philadelphia residents provided input on three Benjamin Franklin Park Avenue redesign proposals

Here is how Philadelphia residents provided input on three Benjamin Franklin Park Avenue redesign proposals


The Benjamin Franklin Park Avenue reimagining project continued, and three finalists competed for the right to oversee the redesign of Popular Avenue.

But before the design team is formally selected, city officials are seeking public opinion on the three proposals currently being reviewed by the Philadelphia Office of Parks and Recreation and Transportation, Infrastructure and Sustainability.

Philadelphia residents are invited to view the proposed design concepts and ideas online Project websiteA survey will be provided in the coming days and the public will be able to share feedback on three different methods.

Then, all inputs will be shared with each design to inform its work. City officials are expected to select the winning design team for the Parkway project this fall, and participation and design work may begin later this year.

“The possibility of reimagining the parks, streets and sidewalks along Benjamin Franklin Parkway is a rare opportunity for this city in a century,” Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Commissioner Kathryn Ott Lovell) Say“Bold ideas and best thinking from all over the world will be the key to the development of the Parkway plan, which has the ability to transform our magnificent mile into a more vibrant, welcoming and people-oriented public space.”

Three finalists – Mobile hard drive, Design studio And joint proposal DLANDstudio and DIGSAU — I recently participated in a five-week public investment process called the “Parkway Creative Symposium.” The process began last month outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the final public display was held at the Barnes Foundation last Wednesday.

City officials said that during the five-week public participation seminar, the three design teams explored Parkway, its history, and current uses. The three finalists then demonstrated their concept of turning the boulevard into a more dynamic and walk-friendly public space.

“The concepts proposed by these three world-class design teams represent some of the most innovative climate-adaptive, multi-modal urban transportation planning methods,” said Mike Carroll, deputy general manager of the Ministry of Transportation. “Philadelphia has this rare opportunity to reimagine the pedestrian connections throughout the Parkway. Thanks to the creative workshop, we have benefited from globally recognized leaders in traffic engineering and urban planning who are ready to share their creation of a livable and walkable for all. The best idea for Park Avenue.”

city Three finalists for the redesign project were selected from more than a dozen construction companies In June. The three design teams were selected based on their experience and diversity and the fairness of their proposals.

City officials and a group of community partners Request for proposals submitted in March Ben Franklin Parkway was overhauled to make it more functional, attractive, accessible and safe.

The boundary of the public realm design project is the steps from 20th Street at the southeast end to the Philadelphia Museum of Art at the northwest end, and between Winter Street and Pennsylvania Avenue.

The project to transform Park Avenue will be funded by the William Penn Foundation in collaboration with the Lindy Institute for Urban Innovation at Drexel University and the Park Avenue Commission.

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