Ham jam

Lewis Hamilton hopes 140,000 fans will roar at him at the British Grand Prix on Sunday to prevent Max Verstappen from winning the F1 championship.

Merc owner Toto Wolff told the Sun Sports this week how Hamilton has invested time at the team headquarters to help reverse the deficit-the British hope that fans can play their part in the Red Bull game.

When Sunsports asked about his seven victories here and home court advantage before FP1, Hamilton said: “With all these factors, I hope and pray that this is the case.

“The other element is the sprint race, the new competition system. Of course, any of us is easy to make mistakes, but there are opportunities there, which is exciting.

“There is also the element of fans. Fans always bring energy and buzz. There is no doubt that when this is your home Grand Prix, there will always be more heat behind you.

“So I hope all these factors combine to close the gap that those people are trying to grow up, so that we can really bring it to them this weekend.


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