All passengers survived the plane’s hard landing in Siberia | Russian News

The flight from the town of Kedrovi to the capital of the Tomsk region carried 13 to 17 passengers.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations stated that a Russian Antonov An-28 passenger plane disappeared from the radar of Siberia after a hard landing on Friday, and all 19 people on board survived.

The plane operated by Sila disappeared on the way from Kedrovi to Tomsk, a small airline that provides regional flights in Siberia.

However, the plane was only found after sending a helicopter to search.

The ministry stated that all 19 people on board survived and are currently being evacuated from the scene.

Less than two weeks after the incident, a similar aircraft, an Antonov An-26, crashed into a cliff with low visibility in the remote Kamchatka Peninsula in the Russian Far East, killing all 28 people on board.

In 2012, an Antonov-28 of the same type that disappeared over Tomsk crashed in the Kamchatka forest, killing 10 people. Investigators said that both pilots were drunk at the time of the crash.

In recent years, Russian aviation safety standards have improved, but accidents, especially those involving aging aircraft in remote areas, are not uncommon.

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