After filming the rapper in an Instagram live video, the game clarified the lyrics of Nipsey Hussle

What did the game reveal about his NIPSEY HUSSLE lyrics?

On Monday, The Game talked about his lyrics about disrespect for Nipsey Hussle in an Instagram live broadcast.

“Understand what I mean is not to disrespect any Pirus, no blood, no LA n***as, no gangbangers, period,” the game said, complicated Report.

“Speaking of the situation of the Indian Red Boy, first, pay tribute to his family. Love his whole family, his close friends, the whole Inglewood family, and all Pirus around the world, period.”

He added: “I have been writing those articles, and these articles have been in my phone since May or April.

“Yesterday, I decided to put the s**t on the scene, which represents my bad timing. I think it’s bad and I don’t respect someone, but it’s really just a bad timing.

“On me, I will be with my eldest brothers and some younger brothers, and I will be with blood relatives to help bury the bloodstains and throw some chips at him for the funeral.”

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