What is Ashley Banjo’s net worth? Why does he play Real Full Monty on ice? -Sun

What is Ashley Banjo’s net worth? Why does he play Real Full Monty on ice? -Sun


Ashley Banjo, founder of DIVERSITY, reappeared on our screen in The Real Full Monty on Ice.

The dance master returned to Britain’s Got Talent-he won the competition with his troupe in 2009-as a substitute judge for the wounded earlier this year Simon Cowell.


Ashley Banjo represents Simon Cowell on BGT

Who is the Ashley Banjo?

British street dancer, choreographer and actor Ashley Modurotolu Banjo was born on October 4, 1988.

Ashley grew up in Wickford, Essex, and grew up with his younger brother Jordan and sister Talitha Banjo.

After studying at SEEVIC College before, he went to St Johns School in Billericay and studied physics and biology at Queen Mary College, University of London.

After finishing his first two years, he took a break from his studies and focused on his dance.

    Ashley Banjo has two children, Rose and Micah


Ashley Banjo has two children, Rose and Micah

Ashley married his wife Francesca Abbott, Became a professional dancer and talent manager in 2015.

They have two children, Rose and Micah.

What is Ashley Banjo’s net worth?

After working in this industry for many years, Ashley has accumulated an impressive net worth.

according to Celebrity net worth, Ashley earned 736,000 pounds.

But with the recent appearance of the British Got Talent and the real full Monty on ice now, this number may rise soon.

How did Ashley Banjo become famous?

In 2007, Ashley and his brother Jordan With their nine friends, they formed the dance group Swift Moves, which was later renamed Diversity.

His Diversity members gave him the nickname “Choice”.

In their first year together, they won the 2007 Hip-hop Weekend Competition before deciding to participate Britain’s Got Talent in 2009.

The troupe continues to win the third season of ITV’s talent show “Britain’s Got Talent”-defeating popular candidates Susan Boyle, Who’s coming.

All the judges spoke highly of their performance throughout the competition. Ashley’s choreography was described as Amanda Holden As a “genius”.

In the final, judge Simon Cowell said of their winning performance: “If I want to score it, that is the only performance I will give 10 points tonight.”

As the winner of the competition, Diversity received £100,000 (approximately £9,090 per member) and continues to queen At the Royal Variety Show in December 2009.

    He and his brother Jordan formed a diversity group


He and his brother Jordan formed a diversity groupCredit: Environmental Protection Agency

What other TV series has he starred in?

Since winning the BGT, Ashley’s stock has risen to new heights.

In addition to continuing his commitment to diversity, he has also appeared in many TV shows.

The most important one is serving as a judge in Sky1’s Got to Dance talent show, and Diversity regularly guest performers.

He also co-hosted the BBC’s “Don’t Touch This” show with Zoe Ball, and he was transferred to ITV as a judge of Dance Dance Dance.

In 2018, he joined the Olympic ice dance gold medalist and joined the ice dance team Jayne Torville with Christopher Dean, with John Barrowman.

Ashley returned to the show that made him famous, representing Simon Cowell in the 2020 Britain’s Got Talent show.

When Ashley joined the BGT judges, Simon said: “I can’t think of a better person sitting in my seat while I follow the doctor’s orders. I hate that stupid bicycle.”

Media tycoon Fell off an electric bike and broke his back In Malibu in August.

    The recent dance performed by Diversity has always been a topic on Twitter


The recent dance performed by Diversity has always been a topic on Twitter

Who else is the true complete Monty on ice?

Many celebrities stripped naked for charity and skated on the rink in birthday suits.

Ashley will join the Love Island Beauty, the third page legend and another diverse member.

The other stars are:

  • Shawner Phillips
  • Linda Lusadi
  • Chris Hughes
  • Jack Quickendon
  • Dr Zoe Williams
  • Gareth Thomas
  • Mrs. Jeanne Murray
  • Jamie Lomas
  • Perry Kelly
  • Hayley Tamaden
Ashley Banjo stated that he supported Diversity’s controversial BLM performance and called it “the biggest gift ever” because he resolved the strong opposition

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