Trudeau said that by mid-August, fully vaccinated Americans can enter Canada

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Thursday that Canada can allow vaccinated Americans to enter the country for non-essential travel from mid-August, and should be able to welcome vaccinated Americans from all countries by early September. Vaccinated travelers.

Trudeau spoke with provincial leaders on Thursday, and his office released the announcement of the conference call. He pointed out that if Canada’s “current positive path” of vaccination rates and public health conditions continues, the border can be opened.

“By early September, Canada will be able to welcome fully vaccinated travelers from all countries,” the readout said.

Trudeau “noted that discussions with the United States on the reopening plan were ongoing, and stated that we are expected to allow fully vaccinated US citizens and permanent residents to enter Canada for non-essential travel from mid-August,” it added.

Trudeau said Canada continues to lead the G20 countries in terms of vaccination rates, with approximately 80% of eligible Canadians receiving the first dose of vaccine, and more than 50% of eligible Canadians fully vaccinated.

He said that as the vaccination rate continues to increase, the number of cases and severe cases across the country continue to decline.

Since the first few months of the pandemic, unnecessary entry into Canada by Americans and others has been restricted.

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