Thousands of B.C. residents received evacuation orders and issued warnings when wildfires were burning

More than 1,500 properties in British Columbia were still under evacuation orders on Thursday due to wildfires nearby, and thousands more were on standby to leave their homes at any time.

The mayor of the entire community in an evacuation alert state said that this scenario is reminiscent of the devastating wildfire season in 2017, when thousands of people had to suddenly flee their homes after changing winds pushed the fire closer .

“We have experienced this situation before, so everyone is working together,” said 100 Mile House Mayor Mitch Campsall.

Some of the largest evacuation orders in BC covered approximately 1,480 properties around 100 Mile House, and residents of the Canim Lake and Lone Butte areas warned that wildfires would pose “immediate danger”.

More than 3,000 properties in the nearby Mahu area Under evacuation alertThe 100-mile residential area about 200 kilometers north of Kamloops is also on the same boat.

Campsall was interviewed by CBC News by phone at a checkpoint on Highway 97C on Thursday. The road south of 100 Mile House has been closed because a nearby fire threatened to jump over the highway.

Him and provincial officials Pay close attention to the road after the wildfires of 2017.

“That year, we were walking on a road and were almost locked, so we have been paying close attention to it [this year],” Campsol said.

If evacuation is required, there are two additional routes to and from the 100 Mile House.

The Brenda Creek wildfire burned on Wednesday south of the Okanagan connector (Highway 97C), about 40 kilometers from West Kelowna, British Columbia. (British Columbia Wildfire Service)

Villages near Kamloops are on alert

The fire activity also affected the entire community south of the Cariboo area.

The villages of Ashcroft and Cache Creek are under evacuation alert, as is the Ashcroft Indian Band Reserve. On Wednesday, strong winds caused a wildfire near Barnes Lake, bringing its area to 78 square kilometers.

“Yesterday, unfortunately, the fire went out of control,” said Barbara Roden, the mayor of Ashcroft.

“We are just doing [the alert] As a preventive measure. We certainly hope for the moment, but we want people to keep informed and be able to make decisions…and take some preparatory measures,” she said.

Ashcroft Village is “Zero Land” One of the largest wildfires in British Columbia’s history 2017. The devastating Xiangshan fire started in the southern part of the community, destroying more than 120 houses and forcing thousands of people to flee their communities.

Roden said that the fire caused electricity and communications to be interrupted. There was hardly any warning, and the village adjusted its emergency plan.

“This year, we actually took 800 copies [evacuation alert] The notice is that the village staff and workers have visited 800 households in Ashcroft from house to house,” she said.

“Everyone here remembers 2017 very clearly,” she continued. “We did learn it…Unfortunately, we now have the opportunity to put it into practice.”

Residents 50 properties in southeast Ashcroft Due to the same fire near Barnes Creek, they were ordered to leave their homes on Wednesday night.People living in another 117 properties Near Yanghu Also told to leave to a safer place.

As of Wednesday, nearly 200 properties are on alert in the Barnes Lake area east of Kamloops.

At the same time, the evacuation order for the area close to Kamloops is still in effect. These orders cover more than 180 properties around the city, including areas near Savona and Copper Creek.

The area of ??the fire known as the Sparks Lake Fire is approximately 402 square kilometers. There are reports that the building was damaged or destroyed by fire, but the Thompson-Nicolas area was unable to verify the damage.

In the north, in the Bulkley-Nechako region, Another evacuation order Due to wildfires near Camsel Lake, Fort St. James is still active. It includes the Yekuche Aboriginal Sanctuary and parts of Ruby Lake Provincial Park and Sutherland River Park.

The area also issued an evacuation order related to the Cutoff Creek wildfire Burning north of the big bend.

On Tuesday, a wildfire known as the Camsell Lake Fire was seen on the forest service road about 6 kilometers west of Fort St. James in north-central British Columbia (Courtesy of Ruby Prince)

Helicopter assisted evacuation

Another major highway in the province remains closed: Highway 20 near Anahim Lake. This highway is the only highway that passes through the Chilcotin area of ??British Columbia.

According to Ulkatcho First Nation, the fire, known as the Big Stick Lake Fire, jumped off Highway 20 on Tuesday afternoon. Due to the road closure, a military helicopter has been dispatched to Anahim Lake Airport to help evacuate evacuees from the area.

On Tuesday, the Kamsel Lake fire could be seen from the evacuees’ vehicles. (Courtesy of Ruby Prince)

Due to the Lytton Creek wildfire, 17 properties in the north of Lytton in Fraser Canyon, Gladwin Mobile Home Park and the Jade Springs area east of the village have placed orders.

Anyone who receives an evacuation order must leave the area immediately.

Evacuation centers have been set up across the province to help anyone evacuating from communities threatened by wildfires.To find the center closest to you, visit Emergency Management in British Columbia. Website.

Encourage evacuees to Emergency Support Service Online, regardless of whether they receive services in an evacuation center or not.

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