This is what Cuba’s historic anti-government protest looks like

Anti-government protests broke out in Cuba this week due to lack of access to food and basic medical supplies. Increase in COVID cases.

Due to long-term US sanctions restricting access to basic commodities and financing, as well as decades of government corruption and mismanagement, the country has suffered massive inflation and prolonged power outages. Tourism industry decline During the epidemic.

The protest started on Sunday and quickly spread across the country as thousands of Cubans were frustrated by hunger and shortage of basic supplies. “Our children are starving to death,” a protester shouted Posted video To Facebook.other Videos on Twitter It seems that the protesters are calling for “changes to the system.”

The protest is the largest in recent memory. Government forces usually quickly suppress the demonstrations. Initially struggling To maintain control.some musician, Who is with the artist Face pressure In response to the voice, a statement supporting the protesters was also issued.

Intermittent Internet shutdowns and harassment and Detaining journalists It has been difficult to verify the local incidents, but photos and videos appeared showing police and plainclothes police beating protesters with batons. Seems to be shooting In least A person was killed, Amnesty International says At least 150 Others are reported missing and may be detained.

Although the government seems to have Softened position To some extent, the removal of taxes on imports from the island may not be enough to quell the protests. “No, we don’t want bread crumbs. We want freedom. There is no blood flowing in the streets of Cuba, and it is impossible to import a few more suitcases,” Tweet Blogger and government critic Yoaní Sanchez.

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