There are increasing calls for British Columbia to declare a state of emergency due to wildfires, but the province is unwavering

Thousands of people in BC have been forced to leave their homes or have been told to leave immediately, and the district is calling on the province to declare a state of emergency.

The board of directors of the Thompson-Nicola Region (TNRD) voted on Thursday to require the BC government to issue a notice that there are 15 effective evacuation orders and 19 effective evacuation alerts in the area.

“People realize that this is not just a flash in the pan. This is a very, very serious problem. We need all the help we might get,” Kengelis, chairman of the TNRD board, told CBC News.

State of emergency Give government agencies the power to take whatever actions they deem necessary to deal with disasters.

According to TNRD, as of Thursday, an estimated 13% of the area is under evacuation orders or warnings. Currently, residents of 876 properties have run away from home, and residents of another 2,359 properties are on alert.

Six local states of emergency have been declared in the area.

“It is essential for those areas where fires are rampant, and we should have every opportunity to try to fight them. I hope we can gain more presence from the armed forces-I don’t know where to turn otherwise,” Gillis said.

District Chairman of Caribou and Mayor of Clearwater The two also called for a state of emergency at the provincial level, But so far, the British Columbia government has been reluctant to issue one.

At a Thursday briefing on the wildfire situation, Brendan Ralfs of the British Columbia Emergency Management Agency told reporters that he can understand why people think of an emergency now.

Ralfs said: “In the current event, the provincial emergency declaration is not necessary to provide assistance to people, to obtain funding or to coordinate or to obtain additional resources.”

He added that a state of emergency will be promulgated “when needed.”

As of Thursday afternoon, there were 308 active wildfires burning across the province, and nearly 2,000 square kilometers have been burned so far this year. This is more than 10 times the amount of land that disappeared in the entire year last year.

Gillis said: “There are many areas in the province that are not safe now. I think we need to come forward and admit this in the face of the wind.”

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