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NEV pulls the hamstrings Olympic Games ACE DINA

Gary Neville strained his hamstring while competing with Dina Asher-Smith, Britain’s fastest female sprinter, for more than 100 meters.

The 46-year-old Manchester United legend is interviewing the 25-year-old British team star for his YouTube channel, who won the Olympic relay bronze medal overlapping.

Manchester United hero Gary Neville strained his hamstring during a game with GB’s Tokyo 2020 Olympic star Dina Asher Smith

After communicating with Asher-Smith on the upcoming Tokyo Olympics and the ongoing anti-racism struggle, Neville Sprinter and coach John Blackie challenged the 100-meter sprint.

After gaining a 10m lead, Neville felt his hamstrings only took a few seconds-and then accused Blackie, the 2019 sports personality coach.

After pulling for a few meters, Neville screamed: “Oh, no! I know it will go. It will always go, right?

“Coach, you didn’t give me a proper warm-up. Coach of the year? He strained my hamstring!”

Although Neville has played 687 times in all club and national team games, he has never strained a hamstring during his 19-year career playing for Manchester United and England.

In fact, the right-back suffered only one serious injury-an ankle problem in 2007 kept him out of the game for 11 months.

It’s unbelievable that Neville strained his hamstring after retiring in 2011. twice.

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