Subway’s defamation lawsuit against CBC allowed to proceed

The Supreme Court of Canada will not hear a request by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) for a defamation lawsuit against Subway’s report on the fast food chain chicken sandwich.

The decision cleared the way for litigation to continue in Ontario courts.

In January of this year, the Ontario Court of Appeals rejected the judge’s decision to dismiss Subway’s lawsuit without a hearing on the merits, stating that the untested claim is by no means rash and worthy of thorough disclosure.

CBC TV show market In 2017, according to tests conducted at Trent University in Petersburg, Ontario, approximately half of the DNA in Subway chicken was actually chicken and the other half was soybeans.

Subway DNA method and food testing experts said that these tests have serious flaws and the results are inaccurate, maintaining that the company’s own testing of soybeans does not exceed 1%.

In a related decision, the Supreme Court also refused to hear Subway’s challenge to the Parallel Court of Appeals ruling, which prevented the chain from claiming Trent for negligence.

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