New Jersey man spit out racial slander to his black neighbor in viral video and will be detained until trial

New Jersey man spit out racial slander to his black neighbor in viral video and will be detained until trial



New Jersey Superior Court Judge Terence Cook ordered Wednesday that a white Mount Laurel town man who made racist talks about his black neighbor earlier this month will be detained until his trial date.

Cook said the risk of Edward Cagney Mathews missing the court date is too high to be released, and cited his 11 missed court dates.Cook also considered Matthews’ previous 20 convictions, including obstruction of justice convictions, WHYY report.

Matthews’ lawyer, Anthony Rizzo, requested his release on the condition that Matthews was not allowed to enter the Essex Place apartment development where he lived.

45-year-old Matthews faces 14 charges that stemmed from an incident on July 2, including an aggressive rant against Etchu Tanyoh Brandon Tambe, who also lives in the development. His wife Marilyn documented Matthews’ racial slander and threats.

This video Two days later, it was published on Facebook and spread. It received nearly 300,000 views and caused an uproar in the community.

Matthews was initially accused of harassment and prejudicial intimidation, and was allowed to return home.Hundreds of people Protest outside his house July 5. After making additional charges, he was eventually detained.

According to reports, Matthews has a history of aggressive behavior. Laurel Hill Mayor Stephen Steglik and State Assemblyman Carol Murphy have both stated that they have received threatening messages in recent weeks. Enquirer report.

on Wednesday, According to WHYY, Burlington County Assistant Attorney Jamie Hutchinson stated that residents accused Matthews of smearing feces, breaking car windows and sending threatening letters wrapped around rocks. Hutchinson said that the FBI confirmed that the text on one of the notes was Matthews’s.

Matthew’s lawyer denied these claims for lack of evidence.

The July 2 incident began with Matthews allegedly attempting to break into the home of Le Roland Blanc, chairman of the Homeowners Association. The police said that Tempe stepped in to ease the situation, and Matthews directed his anger at him.

The video shows Matthews directing a series of racial slanders and threats in Tempe. It also showed him hitting in the chest, spitting and trying to lick the 25-year-old senior U.S. Air Force pilot Tambe.

Matthews also boasted to Tempe that he drove the HOA board members and black residents out of the community, claiming that the Laurel Hill police could not do anything about it. NBC10 reportTowards the end of the incident, a policeman appeared and ordered Matthews to go home.

Matthews has been detained since his arrest on July 5.The allegations against him include Four-level harassment and prejudice crimes for the purpose of intimidation, harassment and intrusion.

Matthews later apologized for his behavior and said he was drunk at the time.

“I didn’t mean that,” Matthews told NBC10. “This is my weakest mistake in judgment, and my anger has taken my best place.”

Matthews has 7 days to appeal Cook’s decision. His next court appearance date is August 25.

The police asked anyone with information about Matthews to contact them [email protected] Or (856) 234-1414, ext. 1599.The contact information for the Burlington County Attorney’s Office is [email protected].


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